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        "The eye through which you see God is the eye through which God sees you.
 Meister Eckhart

        In deep sitting an experience takes place in which it is said:  "It's just like a mirror."
Now of course, no actual mirror exists, but various schools like to use this image. The zen people
are particularly fond of  the image, and they use it to express experiences approaching  'satori'.
        This mirror-like experience is also what Meister Eckhart was describing with the above words.

         When you think of Christian mystics, almost no one comes to most peoples' minds. This is because
the church of most eras did not like to discuss the mystical experience; such experiences were reserved for the clergy only; and best not talked about with the common folks.
          The fact that the clergy was  busy selling forgiveness and taking care of the many  temporal, physical church demands, meant the clergy itself was not very much inclined to focus on the mystical. There was so little time!
           As anyone knows, anyone who has run a large business, thoughts of the Union with God
are not the first concern you face at 7 o'clock in the morning!

            Because of the religious right these days in North America and it's moronic, simplistic obsessions,
most intelligent people, scholars and certainly mystics do not want to be associated with the church
or with Christians. And you can scarcely blame such people for being reticent! Right wing politics!
             Jesus! Contraception! Gay marriage!  Who cares? These are not religious issues, nor are they
spiritual issues: and they sure as hell are not mystical issues!
             What is needed is for men and women of good faith and of mystical experience to come forward
and rebuild the tradition of Christ. A system of mystical initiation and congratulation is needed.
              Whoops!  Got a little off topic, once again.

               "The School For Mystics"has got nothing to do with the pulpit.  And thank God for that!
               No, no!  In the school for mystics we're allowed to have a little fun! Or what's the point?

                OK.  Let's name a few Cristian mystics.
                 Meister Eckhart is most definitely one.  And another one is Hildegard of Bingem:

                 I'm quoting freely from memory: "I am that living and fiery essence that glows
                  in the grasses of the fields."

                 Oh, let's not forget another mystic who thrived in the Rasta-Biblical tradition, Bob

                  Marley:  "There's a natural mystic flowing through the air."

                   There is also Balsilides of Alexandria. It's easy to forget about him, because he's been deliberately stamped out of our history. He was an early Christian teacher and master. You can read about him in: "The Nag Hammadi Library" ed. James M Robinson: 

                    "The dead went to Jerusalem and did not find what they did seek. And so they
                       have returned to ask questions of me."

                    When the early Christians (also sometimes called "the Gnostics" ) refer to the dead and raising people from the dead, it's a particular turn of phrase. The dead are those who have not yet risen to know. The blind are those who live in darkness, because they have not seen the light; this is why they need to take the path to be "enlightened."
                     Once the dead have risen to see, they are no longer dead.
                      Once the darkness of the blind has been enlightened, their blindness has been cured!

      "He who finds the interpretation of these words will not experience death." Gospel of Thomas

                      What I like about the study of the early Christians and these new gospels discovered in 1945
by the Nile River, (ancient gospels preserved by the dry sands of Egypt),  there is actual discourse between master and disciple. It is a series of question and answer sessions, very like the early days of Zen Buddhism,
where there is also much confrontation between master and student.

                       To quote Christ, the teacher, another mystic: "Cleave a piece of wood, 
                                                                                             I am there.
                                                                                             Lift up a stone and 
                                                                                             you will find me there."
                         Another phrase which cannot be understood intellectually or rationally but which can be used
as a Mindshock during sitting is:  "Before Abraham was, I am."

                        Every time the Universe within shakes our sandbox, new sacred geometries occur.
                        " Within you, jewels are hanging from the trees. Pearls and rubies of worth
                            beyond imaging."

                        "I see the same view through an electron microscope as I do through a
                           powerful telescope.  Inner is outer - literally!"

                        "In the fructifying Mind of the Multiverse, crystals and diamonds
                          twist in the galactic wind."       (Notes from an ecstatic experience).

                           Sometimes you have to go a little crazy... in order to join the dance.
                           "Some people never go crazy. What terrible lives they must lead."
                              (Charles Bukowski).






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