Friday, May 31, 2019

FROM "THE TOWER" - Uncle Eliphas speaks to Dorian


        Yes, all these questions, I asked them
repeatedly, with utmost concentration deep into
the black night. And an answer came to me,
of absolute certainty. Clear as the full
moon shining, but hard to grasp rationally. The
answer came after long nights of waiting. The
bottom fell out of my personal identity. I was
in the depths of a dark well. A new basis I
discovered upon which to found a personality;
but that new foundation was fluid as the sea,
ephemeral  as the moon on the waters, empty
as the moonlight dancing on the shining
midnight leaves lifted by the breeze. Most
disturbingly non-existence was the nature of
my new identity. Yet in the very lack of,
content of my Soul there was an omnipresence
of what may only be called divinity, as it
was named of old. Although perhaps it is better
to use no names to refer to that which, ever
changing, is ever the same."

(C) 1979-2019 by W.G. Milne

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