Friday, January 5, 2018


Just in case you think I've (flipped my lid) lost my mind here, I'm dicking around with ideas for a screenplay
here...  The following is not meant to be a coherent piece... 
Just notes on a future plan of a script...

Louise attempts to baptize sister

Roman forces novelist pal to pray to the LORD among dafadils.(SP?)

As it happens, both manic fools are locked the same nuthouse up the hill... big frustration, each locked in own padded cell... ( these 2 were never supposed to meet --- due to sound psychiatric thinking on part of mutual shrink 
( even the good ones up north, up the hill --- they  tend to think they're God...lawyers do, too... not sure about dentists)

They meet native/Chinese psycho cook... he explains things to them ( he's labelled
a schitzophrenic (sp?) but few doctors know what that is  ((most don't WANT TO KNOW)))

Chino/native madmen shows them freedom in the shape of the food truck... they are let out of cells for fifteen minutes each day... different fenced mini-yards, different interactions are allowed between the really crazies, especially the smart ones --- left together they can convince a whole word of 30 patients/inmates - they can convince a whole ward that a different reality exists... and the new different one is the correct one!

Psycho-native schitzo plans their escape ( he might live in 6th dimension but his organizational skills are sound right here in this one))

He doesn't NEED to know whether brick walls in the massive kitchen are permeable or not...
If U got a plan --- minor details are left aside (like the nature of reality -- who needs that shit ---when you're planning an escape from improper incarceration))

PSYCHO-COOK SAYS:   Diamonds are waiting for potential escapees just 160 miles north... ("Why U telling us...?" we ask) Because you batty by-force-religio-healers, you and...and diamonds have THE SAME ENERGY... so you deserve to be together! You're so clear and bright ---
I know it's the RIGHT job for U 2  goons!
...And only you."

(so need to do quest type ROAD MOVIE with road kill, doc quacks etc)

Buddy sax player has stash of diamonds

FLIES --- like in GOLDHUNT movie(get name)
madness with flies, scrambling up muddy hill---FLIES BITING NECKS.... sweat, bell ringing... convertible smashed.... now two in search in rangy motorbike and sidecar   (GET the mad feel of that movie... "goldhunt/flies")
flies madness

LOCKED IN PSYCHO WARD, both of them...
but not any longer

Have escape plan due to cook, cook is buzzed, needs $$ and waitress Nancy going north...
really needs to climb on her back

(Eddie and Franzine?????)

our duo sneak into food truck... NORTHWARD HO!!

Need further sipping sessions---
to get at the WILD HAIRY BUG GREED
DAY ISSUE  of this script


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