Saturday, September 17, 2016


Detail of  "Angel at the Gates"

Sometimes it's so difficult to know
You think you're doing one thing but you're                                                wrong
You talk of love like it's some kind of song
While it's sneaking up behind you with a gong

Maybe I'll just move to Buffalo
I'll head due south now to avoid the snow
I drove into a drift beneath a tier
And then I found I thought of you all year...

Who'd a thunk it while giving you advice
I found my heart and soul beneath the ice
And then I find my feelings start to thaw
A change like this is really pretty awesome

Scary scary scary, that's what it is
And here's me thinking love's about the jizz
With all this wisdom how can I be wrong?
This melody's way deeper than a song.

                                       W.G. Milne

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