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          This is a Knowledge within 
a man, whereby he may come 
to see himself, realize his true Identity. 
And then will he  see the meaning of 
the Words of the Christ, saying, "Come to Me." For what men shall realize themselves to be shall first astound and terrify them, 
before they find the peace of the Kingdom.
         The Word has been given that each man
may Realize his Identity, and Know himself,
and thereby walk the halls of Peace. But first
it is necessary to die, in order to see. And then
the Resurrection may be. This is the mystery 
at the heart of  Christianity, death and resurrection in this life while we live and
breathe, it is possible to see the realms of
Eternal Peace.
          If these Words have not the ring 
of Truth about them, ignore them, and this 
the Father's second Testament, which is indeed the first. For the Words of the Father shall always speak. This is His Legacy... That he
shall never leave Thee.
        And that you may be his true and living
Sons,* receive His Knowledge, and you shall 
see the True One. For only through the 
True One may any person come to the Father,
and there is only one True One, by whatever
names he may be called, by whatever systems
of hierarchies He is worshipped, it matters not.
But this is Christianity which bears a strong
and lasting Fruit; which is the Truth, which is the only Fruit of the True Vine which the Father planted at the beginning of time,
that beginning which is the end.  
(from page 106)

Jesus said:  "If you follow tradition, you
shall be lost. For the church that has
come to be speaks not of Me"
        "The dogma of unquestioning belief,
this is the dogma of the thief."
         "But they shall stand as solitaries
as they seek Me."

          For the Lord has mercy on those
who have given everything: on those
who travel bereft; on those who have 
nothing left.
         The Father is most forgiving:
it is we who condemn ourselves.
         It is for this reason that He may
be described as the Father. Because He
gives birth to everything; because all
things that come to be He is creating.
The creation is not a part of history.
It proceeds daily.
         "And it is today," says the voice of
the True One. "It is today, always today,
where you must find me. Do not search
for Me in books or in churches; but
outside and within yourselves."
          "I greet desperate men, widows and
orphans; those who are well established
tend to ignore and fear Me. They see
Me as a threat, that I might take what
they have."

(from page 116)

*("sons" implies also daughters,
  It was the terminology of the age.)

Note: I have left parts out, even from these
passages. There are valuable parts missing.
I simply don't have the strength to present
everything to you.
          The text of the Testament is 200 pages
long. It is dense and single spaced.
          There is no way I'll be able to edit
it all in my lifetime. But I will make the
manuscript of the "Poet's Testament"
from the Clifftop Writings available
to you.
         Now with the advent of scanners,
this is possible.


All the best to you and cheers to you
from William G. Milne.
          With the help of the saints and
bodhisattvas who circle the globe.
I have no strength of my own. It
is the strength of the holy Father, Lord
of Hosts, Lord of Isaac and Jacob, Lord
of Abraham, holy of holies, Lord of the
Meeting Rivers, Lord of Israel and Albion,
and all the lands beyond: the Father
who speaks from the skies and whose
words are heard within us.
          Thank you for your gifts. Thank you
for your strength. Thank you for the Grace
you give to all of us.

(C)1980-2016 by W.G. Milne

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