Wednesday, April 30, 2014


                       I've had a strong reaction to some of
the stories I've been writing lately.
                 I'm told that the story I wrote about the
young woman on the bus, and the horrible beast
of a man behind her - that articles  like these
should not really be made   public.
                 The story was unpleasant.
                What is being suggested?  Am I being told
that I should not write such stories. Is this
some weird form of internal censorship?
                 My response is this. Of course the story
is unpleasant. I'm not concerned whether
my stories are pleasant. My concern is only this -
is the story true? Is it representative? Is it the
sort of thing that really happens?
                I can assure you the story is true,
because it is representative.And something like
the event described really happened.

                I got a call from a person I haven't talked to
in a long time. She said, "Look, that tale is about rape!"
                "Is it?" I asked.
                "Well, if it's not about rape, it's certainly about
some kind of sexual assault."
                "There's no question about that," I said,
"Not just sexual assault... but incest, too."
                "And yet your view of the story is
that it was amusing."
                 "Whoa, there, Brenda, don't go so
fast! And don't put words into my mouth! The
event wasn't amusing, but my story had better be."
                 "You've always been impossible to
talk to...You've always been  a bit of a prick!"
she said.                                           
                  "Well, there's no question about that,
either,"I said.
                   She hung up the phone.

                   What maybe is not understood, is this.
I was pleased by this lady's reaction
to the story.  She wasn't happy, but she thought
about it.
                    I'd mention names, but I don't have
her permission. 
                   And she's not answering my
             Regarding whether my attempt to make the story
amusing is in bad taste or not... Well, yes,  perhaps it
 is in bad taste.
               From my point of view, this is the thing -
I've come across a large number of unpleasant
incidents in my life, and I was the cause of some
of them.
               I've seen plenty of blood-simple stupid
violence -  usually alcohol was involved, but not
always. I've met quite a few bikers, and I've liked most
of them. The attitudes of the guys I met
were very much like my own attitude. These
guys had not lost their 'joi de vivre', their joy
in life, adventure, and their undying love
of riding a hog at high speeds, of howling
along the Edge at 110 miles per hour, with
your teeth chattering from vibration and wind 
in your face, and  almost achieving levitation with the
howl of  wind in your ears.
        But a motorcycle is not an enclosed space.

         A bus with passengers in it  is an enclosed space.
A cabin in the woods deep in wind and snow
is an enclosed space. And many of the small communities 
deep in the bush are enclosed spaces, more than six months
of the year.
        In my WAIT-A-BIT! stories, I'm always talking
about various forms of cabin fever, and what people
do when they're half mad, partly crazed and
only partly sane.
         In WAIT-A-BIT! there are few women. And the
few women that live there are as dangerous as
the men.
         The teenaged woman on the bus was a stripper.
She has rights, too, but she knew how to handle herself, 
and if she had really wanted to get rid of the "Old Fuck On A Bus"
she could have done it in about 15 seconds.
           You have to suspend judgement somewhat
when you're talking about cabin fever, the inhaling
of solvents, drunkenness, and sexual assault 
in small enclosed spaces and isolated communities. 
I'm not saying these factors make sexual assault O.K. -  
I'm saying that these factors make assaults of any kind
more understandable.
            As most people know, I used to be a
lawyer. People used to consult with me about
various unpleasant happenings. As a result,
I have recently  heard about several rapes in 
small enclosed isolated communities.
           Sometimes the rape involves murder,
and often the person who dies is the rapist.
I've heard stories told to me by victims of such
rapes. This is confidential information, so I won't
say much about it, but in the last two horrible
gestalts I am familiar with - the rapist was killed
by the daughter of the family. The victims were the
mothers and they survived. The persons guilty of
the rapes were also family members and they did
not  survive. Two of them were shot  dead,
 in two separate incidents.
           In these situations I guess you could say 
that everybody is the victim,
but especially the children of the enclosed
                 Why do I write about such unpleasantness?
                 I write about nasty, ugly things, because 
these things happen, and I' ve seen them.  I write to shine 
a light upon them, so that we may
understand the ugliness. Maybe through
understanding these events we can
ameliorate the factors involved, help ease the tension 
in the circumstances that cause these events.

           My old man, my father was always very practical
about situations. He'd always say, "What's the alternative?"
          He meant, you've identified the problem - but what's
your solution? What would you do in practice  to make things
           Well, it might be better if the Courts that  judge
such happenings, if the Courts were rooted in
the local community in which the events happened.
            I guess better communications with the
outside world might help also, and better literacy.
            The truth is, the judges or at least the
Court workers  really have to live
in the community where the events happened -
if we want to get the kind of solutions
that make sense.
         Work has been done on Community-based
justice systems. For example, the Three Fires Community 
Justice system in the Niagara Region.
          A lot of people  throughout the  community
would have to commit themselves to such a system,
and work  at it, to make a community based
justice system viable; and funding would have
to be found.
            There's nothing easy about it.

                 As a singer and musician, I've played in a
whole lot of bars. There are  fights in bars,
and I've had occasion, on both sides of the law,
to visit quite a few jails.      
                Jails are enclosed spaces, and many horrible
unspeakable events happen there also. I'll write
about some of these events, too.

              If a story is not somewhat amusing,
no one's going to want to read it.
               If a story's not amusing, I'm not going
to write it.
                I have to admit that I write for the sheer
joy of writing, and for the fun of it - of sharing how
I see the world.
              So, yes,  when I write about these 
unpleasant happenings, when I write about them
 in retrospect ,  I'll try to make those stories
amusing also.
          And there's nothing wrong with that.



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