Saturday, October 26, 2013


Saturday, October 26, 2013


 An Aside:
Note: The following is an aside or a further
         which is not part of any gospel.    

                     I won't pretend to know what was
meant by that utterance. I have some
ideas,but I'll re-think and share
them later.
           All I can think of now is -
there is a total ego death
when Realization comes to a person.
In that sense, a person's particular
ego is annihilated when he comes
to realize the ground of his being,
which is Christ.... (if you think in Christian
             If you are Buddhist and you
realize your ultimate identity, and
you say, "Finally it has happened to
me, after years of trying ...
I have come to satori.... I realize
what I am... I am part of the one
suchness... I am Buddha, and I have
always been Buddha:  "Between
heaven and earth, I alone am!"
                If you say such things
in the East, people congratulate
you.... They say, finally you have
got it. Your life will not be so
constrained anymore....
               In the West, our western
culture, if you say: "I know my
ultimate Identity! I have Realized.
I am Christ! They're going to put
you in the booby hatch - by that I mean,
put you in an asylum.
               I've been there. I know.
But not for quite the same reason.

               The fact of the matter is,
however, that when you have read
the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of
Philip, and the Gospel of Truth....
you'll see - the earliest form of the
two religions are not that different.
        When you hear Christ state:
"I shall be as he is, and he shall be me,
and the hidden things will
be revealed to him..." (Gospel of Thomas)
   You'll see there's a basic similarity.... 
And that is not so surprising.  Buddhist
monks were in the middle east, when Jesus
Christ (or the Essene "Teacher of Righteousness")
was teaching. He was aware of Buddhist principles.

        There may be many paths to the top of the
mountain, but there is only
one Truth, when you get there.
          There is only One Ultimate Consciousness
on this our earth, probably only one in the
Universe itself, and that is the mind of
the mortal being who Realizes Mind and becomes
a beautiful reflection, a mirror image
of the Mind of the One Who Is Creating Us...
and then you have stepped into the mirrored
Bridal Chamber... and that is joy, bliss,
heaven ----  because you are one with God.

         Meister Eckhart: "The eye with which
you see God is the same eye with which God sees
you. It is a situation of reflection,
a  knowledge of total acceptance
and love in your Home, which is the ground
of your Being, your new Identity."
           Ultimate Realization is a change of identity!

             OK, these things must be experienced; they
cannot be explained.  And you sound like
a fool and an idiot, as soon as you
attempt explanation.
             One tries to share and show generosity,
but every true Teacher knows, when you attempt
to explain, you just appear idiotic, and you
lead someone else into misconception...

              So I must stop talking. Let's get
back to the words of Jesus Christ, as expressed
by the Gospel of Thomas, but changed and
re-written somewhat at Temple's Gate.

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