Friday, June 28, 2013

A Better Place | Playing For Change

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  1. To quote Jerry Jeff Walker ( who wrote Mr Bojangles):
    We shake hands, pour a few shots in a small club in Toronto ( near Ryerson College) I say, "I like your music man!
    He said: "GROOVY."
    So re this song, I say, GROOVY, too!

    That expression was so outdated it came back in & then left again.. that was ten years back, so in 15 more years.. will we hear the word everywhere again? Likely not for groovy.
    How about, "DOPE! or "SICK!" back in 20 years"

    Same as bellbottom pants - I saw em go... I was playing a show in Toronto in the 90s... there they were again! Freaky! So what are we talking...... ? 25 year FASHION CYCLES,,,,QUESTION -- Do FADS in THINKING go thru the same cycles, too?? Wot?
    WOT you think?