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                                Jimmy spends almost no time in jail this time.  What`s
the expression?  This time he has horseshoes up his ass!
                    With a system like ours, it`s often better to be lucky
 than good. This time Jimmy has a  lawyer clever enough to see the value
of a videotape. The videotape is a happy one for Blind Jimmy. The one the young teenage girl took on her cell phone - one of eight  police officers with suspicious magazines in their hands, laughing, standing over a man on all fours vomiting on the centre line of a highway...
            To be fair, this event did not take place in North Bay.     It took place on Highway 10  north of Caledon . When there`s an element of
truth to the story I`m telling, it`s best to be accurate.

           (Editor`s Note: There is not always any element of truth
whatsoever in  stories told by our Roving Reporter. At such
times, of course there is no possible way we can correct him.)

                                  The situation turned into such a monstrous
cluster-fuck with videotapes of laughing policemen standing
over a poor man obviously in distress on all fours vomiting
very loudly - shouting it out, so to speak. In fact, it was
cyclic vomiting.
                   It wasn`t pretty and it wasn quiet.  The
horrible howling and moaning sounds Jimmy was making
as he was puking every last  drop of rye whiskey
out of his system - it sounding like a combination
of two cats snarling at each other like they do
when they`re thinking about having sex during sex.
                  that sound plus the sound of some
sadist toruring a half-aware male child with an
electric probe just as his voice is breaking
high and low at  the advent of puberty.

                 The sound was so intense and
so loud and so gut-wrenchingly miserable
that - try as you would not to laugh, you` couldn`t
help it.  The sounds were too funny.
                And the combination of the
weird fetish pictures in the magazines,
 the  adult bonnets and diapers and the big soothers,
and the writhing and retching and barking 
out  sounds....!  It was too much!

             One policeman was  crawling on
his hands and knees,too, he was laughing 
so hard and he made an odd pair with Blind Jimmy
who was also in his hands and knees,also -
as if he were some strange wildebeast
on some forgotten part of the African veldt
moaning out his rhino call

            You couldn`t blame the police guys for laughing.
 I was laughing, too, just
looking at a videotape of the event!
As I say, the pictures of the event
looked a lot worse than what
actually happened.
               But when youi`re defending
a client you have to use every tool
that presents itself.
                In this event, fate had
provided me with a lever, a crowbar
which entirely changed the
perception of Jimmy`s situation -
the videotape of laughing policemen
standing over a vomiting man..
This was very fortunate -  Jimmy
could have done five to ten years
in prison for just knowing the Axeman
let alone being in the same car with him -
when the Axeman kidnapped his own wife 
in order to pursue his  romantic intentions.

                The northbound lanes were
blocked with warning flashers, so a crowd was gathering
                And cars heading south were pulling over, too.
Everybody was photographing the whole scenario, and the
                  All Jimmy`s charges were dropped - lawyers and police
alike just wanted to bury the scene and all memory of it.

                 I`ve re-written this article but can`t seem to find
the new and improved version, the coherent one...
                 The point I was trying to make is that there
is a dangerous hangover from the puritan mindset. Part
of that mindset is an UNCONSCIOUS TENDENCY to debase
all things of the flesh. And this judgemental disdain towards 
 the flesh has much to do with the uncaring destruction of
the physical world around us.
                 This unconscious hatred of the flesh is the motivating force
behind many of the idiotic judgements made by shallow Christian
elements.The puritan tradition is carried on thoughtlessly, a prejudice
repeated by rote.
                  Why is this important? This unconscious moralizing
WAR on the FLESH is the impetus behind a hateful disregard for
 our physical environment.
                  If we pray to the spirit and despise the flesh, this
disdain ends up being applied to our  environment, also.
                  I truly think this is a dangerous situation. I think
this unconscious prejudice might kill us all.

                  I shudder to think that a mind infused with this
unbalanced dualism -  that such a mind might have access
to nuclear weapons - this is no joking matter!


                   In "THE LAND OF THE FREE" as we refer
to ourselves in Canada, we have the highest per capita 
incarceration rate  on this planet. And why is this?
It`s because of the high arrest rate caused by the "war
on drugs."
                  All of North America has this honour.  
We share this  highest per capita  jail rate  with the United States.
                 WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?


                   In old time errant Christianity we used to  "lift up the spirit"  and  "debase the flesh". There are not two worlds: a higher world of the spirit and a lower world of the flesh.
                Our magnificent Earth and the Universe we are born 
into  - it`s one Unity. Spirit cannot exist without the flesh.  It`s
obvious: we are part of one fabric of being. It`s ridiculous to demean
one aspect of this fabric and sanctify another aspect.
               The thinking goes,    "Drugs are  evil;  they are part of the lesser world - the world of the flesh. And there is a mean-spirited and mostly
unconscious prejudice against the world of the flesh.
              There is  sickness in this  dualistic thinking and the phony morality that derives from it:    spirit vs  flesh,   God   vs  man.
               Morality based on such phony distinctions is erroneous morality.

                                                                          *       *       *

                   Some facts about the drug war -
                        that success is impossible

                   A lawyer in my office had a client   who was a major wholesaler in the drug business. He lived in Montreal and for some reason
he kept trying to do a 100 kilo sale in famous Peruvian marching powder.
                  The problem was this. A certain police station in the Montreal area was paying $1,000.00 per kilo to any trucker who was
carrying such contraband for information about the cargo.It was a bribe
for cash and information and the bribe worked
                   We`ll call the client, "John". (Jimmy wouldn`t be appropriate in this situation. ) Almost every time  John attempted a 100 kilo sale - he`d get informed on by his trucker. Because a 100 key sale was worth "100,000.00  (100 grand) to the trucker. 
                   You can spend a long time in Cuba, Jamaica,
Venezuela, Columbia or Peru for one hundred thousand dollars U.S.
                    Every  kilo seized by the police that time
was not destroyed. No, members of that particular
police station would sell the powder for millions of dollars profit.
To give the Montreal police their due, I am told the equivalent 
of one entire police station had to move in and bust
the other entire police station. And this way the situation was resolved.
                 I don`t know the details of that situation
and ...                      I don`t want    to know the details!
             The whole monstrous mess and massively
profitable deal has now descended into the realm
of Urban Myth and that is where the story must

             The reason I am telling this story, though,
is this: whenever the client, Johnny, lost a 100 kilo
shipment, his suppliers out of South America ( back then)
would double his shipment FOR FREE! Johnny wouldn`t have to pay an extra dime when he`d receive the 200 kilos for the 100 kilos he lost.
              Every businessman would have to agree,
that the doubling of product at no cost, as a form of free insurance on behalf or the retailer - it`s almost impossible to compete with that kind of a bargain.
              No one`s been able to compete with such bargains and such profit margins.
               AND the real profit is in the marijuana  trade. The marijuana trade brings in MASSIVE dollars. Just because of the huge tonnage of that trade.
                We`re back in "PROHIBITION" now, only with a different product. Prohibition didn`t work with alcohol and it`s
not working with the HERB trade.
              No one is going to give up this kind of cash
easily.  Look at the drug violence just south of the U.S.
border. No one wants to give up the cash.
               And there is IRONY to this situation!
               The irony of this situation is: the  REAL MONEY isn`t in illegal drugs.
              The real money is in LEGAL DRUGS!
              One drug company alone makes over 8 BILLION
dollars a year just for its legal sales of Percodan.
              But whether we`re winning or losing the "war on drugs" is not the point.
               The thinking that justifies the war on drugs
is incorrect moralistic thinking based on an incorrect way
of viewing the world.

               The truth is people like and need drugs
 too much to ever be able to give them up. And there`s nothing wrong with this. This is not depravity...
               There is nothing wrong with CHEMICALS!
We are biochemical in nature.

                Our EMOTIONS are carried through the human
body by chemical messengers called, "PEPTIDES".                
                And the Realization of GOD is aided by a
chemical created within the human body, called. "DMT."

                SPIRITUALITY itself is not separate from
the physical realms.  That`s all hogwash! It`s morality
based on phony dualistic thinking.
                 GOD does not exist apart from BIOCHEMISTRY.
The Spirit partakes of biochemisty as does the Flesh.
Flesh is one side of the coin, / Spirit is the other side of the 
SAME COIN. The coin itself is biochemistry.

                 There is only one world. Two worlds do not exist -
not one higher world of the spirit and a separate lower world of the flesh.
                 The SOUL does not come out of thin air.
The soul dances in the midst of a glorious crucible.

                 The crucible is the MIND of GOD.  The Mind of God -  God, the Creator did not create in the past! That`s
just bad thinking. It`s wrong and it`s stupidly wrong. And we
cannot afford stupid thinking any longer.  Through us,  the Earth comes to see itself.  The Earth cannot afford stupid thinking any longer.

                  GOD is THE ONE WHO IS CREATING US: 
HE/SHE/IT  is creating us even as you read this and I write
this - the ONE who is creating us dances in the midst of the GOLDEN FERTILE LIGHT and the WHITE CHASTE LIGHT;
AND these two lights mix  together in the crucible of MIND
of GOD`S MIND thriving in His Kingdom of Bio-Chemistry.         


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