Tuesday, March 26, 2013



         A zen master was  asked what zen is like.

          He answered, "It is like sitting up in bed in utter darkness and reaching behind you for your pillow."

           A focus without thought, a concentrated mind.


           I was playing tennis the other day and I was running hard,
dodging and stabbing with my racket, just reaction - no time for thought and breathing hard.

            I was in a very pleasant place, no thoughts... just eager to react. It was like a dance, a "cosmic dance" as my opponent said,
but then again - he had eaten some hallucinogenic (sacred) mushrooms, and he really didn`t care if he won or lost. This can be
a little distracting, but not for long.
           I was in the "zone".  Sportsmen write of the zone, a place of pure mind and reaction.

           You don have to be sitting still to have a mystical experience. Lately I`ve been trying to get into that rooted sense of universal oneness on my bicycle.
            But there`s too much snow and ice up here still in the Great White North, and working yourself into a trance state at 30 miles per hour can be suicidal.
             I don`t advise doing your mystical experiments at high speeds -  though sometimes in a car late at night driving into a turn at ninety miles an hour, passing through patches of fog and mist, this can come close...

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