Saturday, February 8, 2020


        I tend to stress the importance of ego annihilation
because it was important to me in the path
I had to travel.

        The phrase: "What you give is what you will receive,"
applies. If your need is for complete Realization, complete
Enlightenment (foundation experience) then complete ego
annihilation is needed - before absolute Grace may pour in.

         It's a difficult task and path and I can't think of
any way to make it easier, or I would tell you. 

* Fasting helps, but it is hardly easy.

* Ingesting the sacred mushroom will give you a sense
    of the divine, but other stressors are also necessary,
    other sources of urgency.

* No one has the patience these days to stare at a wall for 7           years, but it will certainly take seven years to complete and
   deepen the enlightenment experience.

*   Either you do the work (meditation, focused concentration)
      at the beginning, or you'll have to do the work at the end.

*    What is needed is a focused attention over time --costing
       not less than everything.

*     What is also needed is a desperate need to know - an urgent
        need to answer the question your soul has posed for you...
        the need to get to the bottom of things, get the facts...                  figure out the real deal before you pass away

*     another urgent drive might be - the need to comfort a                 loved      one,
        compassion for another can be a powerful force

*      or a prideful desire to outshine another seeker ( this can              urge you forward in a limited way - often seen in                          monasteries)

*        some powerful drive is needed to pierce the eggshell ego
           that surrounds you, in order to be one with the universe.

(C)2020 by W.G. Milne

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