Friday, May 31, 2019

FROM "THE TOWER" - Uncle Eliphas speaks to Dorian


        Yes, all these questions, I asked them
repeatedly, with utmost concentration deep into
the black night. And an answer came to me,
of absolute certainty. Clear as the full
moon shining, but hard to grasp rationally. The
answer came after long nights of waiting. The
bottom fell out of my personal identity. I was
in the depths of a dark well. A new basis I
discovered upon which to found a personality;
but that new foundation was fluid as the sea,
ephemeral  as the moon on the waters, empty
as the moonlight dancing on the shining
midnight leaves lifted by the breeze. Most
disturbingly non-existence was the nature of
my new identity. Yet in the very lack of,
content of my Soul there was an omnipresence
of what may only be called divinity, as it
was named of old. Although perhaps it is better
to use no names to refer to that which, ever
changing, is ever the same."

(C) 1979-2019 by W.G. Milne

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Waking in Alexandria

He woke up in Alexandria.
He didn't know where he had been.
He thought there was a woman
Who had mattered once to him.

He looked out a window,
Saw a madman called Khalim;
Uttering predictions
And singing Sunday hymns.

“There will be a great burning
In this city once again;
This town will be ravished
By an army of our friends!”

There were clouds of colours
In the street;
And dust on the laden wind.
Pyramids in the distance,
And crumbling new construction.

The passing carts threw up the dust
A glimpse of neon in the street;
Someone was playing a clarinet...
Scales of an eastern variety.

“The great battle is within us!
The soldiers our cells and minds.
You don't have to go downtown...
There's nothing you need to buy!”

This man down in the alley
Shouted up at him;
Waving a bottle of  whiskey
       up above his head
And singing Sunday hymns.

“The priest sent you a message.
It says, 'Listen! Now begin!'
The doubt you have within you
Is your only sin!”

The street crowds were distracting,
He wrote something just like this,
“You see cobra and the mongoose
 Fight until the death!”

The crowds were passing slowly...
Such a colourful array
Of camels, birds and monkeys,
It was hard to concentrate on the page.

It seemed there was some dancing
In the alley right below,
Dancing on the cobbles
In the scent of hashish smoke

“There will be a great burning
In this city once again!
This town will be ravished
By an army of our friends!”

He tried to close the window.
It was impossible to do.
He put his feet up on a table,
Leaned back and dreamed of truth...
He had a drink of something new.

The liquor in his glass was smoking.
The laughter in the street                      
Turned to be less raucous,
A voice was speaking in a dream.
“The great mountain is within you!
Most difficult to climb
Most slippery of all mountains
You will ever find!”

The priest sent me a message
He said, “Listen.  Now begin.
The self-doubt you have inside you
Is your only sin.”

“Caesar and Alexander
Met on an island just one time.
They had one thing in common:
No division in their minds.”

He closed the window and went to sleep
He thought,”Is all of this a dream?”
He put his head upon a pillow..
And that ended everything.

                                                (C)2013 by W.G.Milne
                                                      North Bay

Friday, May 3, 2019


Clifftop Writings:
“The poet knew that he had
tasted the Mind of God
He had been taught and schooled
by the Lord on cliff tops,
promontories into deep lakes
and wild seas. In many such
places the Lord of Hosts revealed
the eternal presence of His seeing
in His holy light.
The poet had been astounded
repeatedly and anointed by the Lord,
through none of his own
doing, but by Grace only.
That all things are of God:
matter and soul and spirit originate
in Him, and all returns to Him.
All is in the crystal shower
of the incandescent throne,
The holy fountain that erupts
and subsides again: the awareness
which is the eye of the seashell
And of the hurricane and the tornado:
The burning blaze at the heart
Of the atom; the restless charge
That leaps throughout the adhesion
Of molecules; the pure eye of the
Baby child newly in her cradle:
The leap of a bright butterfly off a
summer branch,
The yellow eye of the sun
The eye for which all all time
is present
The past and the future exist
To the Mind of God:
“I see Moses in his day and
Adam and the birth of my son
In whom I am well pleased;
I am Alpha, Omega, and I am
the unity of the Universe.”
“I am the living and fiery essence
that burns in the light of the stars;
I am the white light of holy dreams
and realities,
The chastity of the bride
The white wedding of the Mind;
I am the poet’s poetry
The prophecy of the sage
I am the potter,
You are my clay:
I give to you, even this
New heaven and earth
Born again in this page.


(C) 2018-2019 by William G. Milne