Friday, February 22, 2019


A few notes re: THE CHRISM - The Bridal Chamber is a mirrored room. And this is where the Chrism takes place.
When Grace enters a room, the room brightens up. 
Illumination is another word for enlightenment, 
Lighted candles in a mirrored room = fire. 
The Holy Spirit has it's own light and fire. 
You cannot enter the Bridal Chamber without prior purification. 
The Chrism is baptism by fire and light...
Whoever is far from Christ is far from the fire. 

The Bridal Chamber is a stage of the spiritual development of an individual, Solitary, you enter the Bridal Chamber... having been purified first.... Then you enter into a meditation, a sitting until a mirror like effect comes about.And you do not see yourself reflected back - you see the One Who Is Creating us, through Christ, staring back into your own eyes..........................It is a mystery how this takes place. At this stage of spiritual blessedness and growth, everything is mysterious. You have your own Mind to guide you.

The Bridal Chamber is said to be a mirrored room for this reason. The next stage will be the Chrism, where you are baptized with fire and light and the fire passes right through you. In order to create your own Illumination.

      If we can assume that Christ, the Anointed one, that He is One with God, the Lord of Hosts, the Voice over the waters, the Mind that rides the clouds, the Lord of the Meeting Rivers, Lord of the red earth and the islands of the seas.. that Christ is the son, and God his Father.. and that the Son of man is within us... once we taste the Mind of Christ, we taste the eternal Mind, the Mind that sees beyond birth and death... once we Know this Mind exists, we arrange our sittings so that we travel to this Mind and become One with it.

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