Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Your love no longer waits, his soul is free
As waves are breaking gently to the shore
The moon is full and feels like evermore
It shines within your mind forbidding sleep;

Those tears you hide you save for true love                      gone,
Despite the busyness you have from day to day,
Late these nights you often feel this way;
Or when you hear some long forgotten song.

He comes to mind, the one who loved you true
He brought you everything you need;
And even taught you sometimes how to see,
To work and keep your vision true

Around you every morning there is bliss
So how forgotten can he ever be?
He holds your head each night now when you                    dream
Protects you 'til the morning with a kiss

One day he'll greet you by and by,
He always said he'd been returning soon;
In songs you would go dancing on the moon,
And chase the stars away across the sky.

(C)2000-2018 by William Milne
All rights reserved.

The origin of this poem is as follows: I had a friend who was grieving the loss of her father. She couldn't get past the situation and would say such things as: "He was the only one who ever loved me - who stayed true to me, it didn't matter what I did. He was always there for me. He loved me unconditionally. I always knew where he was and when I went home he accepted me with open arms... How can I ever replace a friend like that?"

        Well, the answer is, of course, she couldn't. No one can replace a father who always has your back. So what did I do? I held her hand and sat on a bench beside her, looking across the vast lake. I held her, but I was never going to replace his love.

        What do you do in a situation where you can do nothing?
I'll tell you what I did... I wrote this rather dazzling poem...

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