Friday, November 2, 2018

NOBODY KNOWS - with lyrics

THE LINES of the song are:

"When I first met you, the birds began to sing
Now I wonder what to do with this ring..."
OOOooo the wind does blow
But where you've gone, nobody knows

Heard laughter down an alley in New York
Labor Day, the town went back to work
And the children listening to the radio
Where they've gone... nobody knows

Hook/Chorus -  Nobody knows, nobody knows
                            Where those hidden flowers go
And where the sparrows hurry to in the fall
Nobody knows the Source of you, not at all

Met a girl, she was walking down the road
Asked where you're going, she said she didn't know
I said, 'Why don't you just go home?'
She said, where that is, nobody knows

It's gotta get dark before the dawn
Existence asks a question... we haven't answered yet
Politicians tend to forget

Nobody knows
The emperor he's got not clothes
Bankers and lawyers, they argue cleverly
Still nobody knows from sea

(Nobody knows, nobody knows
How that solar wind blows
Exactly what the water is
Nobody knows)     = later

Lisa she's looking for someone
So she can laugh and have a little fun
But Justin takes things
So seriously
Lisa comes to talk to me

Nobody knows, nobody knows
How that solar wind blows
Exactly what the water is

Nobody knows

At the Temple's Gate a bell does ring
I sit right here and I begin to think
Here on the oldest...rock of the world
We are remembering

Nobody knows, nobody knows
Just follow that white line
       in the center of the road
Bankers and lawyers they argue cleverly
Still nobody knows from sea to sea...


I was driving south towards Toronto from up north,
when I started jotting the words down to this song.
The words came in a flow so I pulled over onto
a dirt road... and I sang the song into a pocket recorder.
And I played the verses on an old rough guitar... a beach guitar,
as I used to call it.
          Months later we made this recording in Peter Rowland's small studio. He always was a better engineer than I was...
We arranged a rhythmic background and I sang into a good mike with plenty of echo-reverb on it.

         I like the lyrics. The verses are pretty fine,
and the whole song was written in about fifteen minutes.
I think you'll like some of the verses. The singing worked
out just fine... My voice is pretty fluid against a rigid
        I'll include the lyrics when I can.

With your abilities, I'm sure you'll get what I'm driving
at in this song.

CHEERS! from Bill Milne/ Johnny Rock and the angels

Thanks to Peter Rowland.

(C) 1990-2018 by W.G. Milne

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