Thursday, November 22, 2018


        Find a comfortable seat and settle into it.

         Let your mind drift, rise and fall and dream. Enjoy your Mind's luxury.

         The Mind is the final frontier. It is as
vast as any galaxy.

          This is called, "Dreaming While Awake."
Keep yourself firmly planted in the here and now, but let your Mind drift and dream out of
the river within.
         You need not feel constrained by any laws or opinions of others - let such thoughts drift away. The opinions of others are useless. They do not apply here. Any impasse to freedom must be dissolved. Unlearn what you have been taught in any regimented school.
        This is not a place for analysis or speculation - these are lower functions of the brain.        

        There are timeless realms we can enter into, but do not try to get there. Allow your mind to drift and dream, fed by the river withing, fed by minds and entities from across
the seas.
         Never try to stop the flow of the mind, this is the eternal spring that will feed you archetypes and images from across the centuries, dreams from across the seas.
         If you are working to pierce some impasse, a statement or question that makes no sense whatsoever - allow your mind to travel there and focus on the obstacle, as if your Mind is a laser that will pierce through everything.
        For the most part, however, allow your mind to drift and dream and absorb any feelings that arise... Feel them but do not cling to these feelings. Feel such moments then let them drift downriver.
        You are captain of this ship, and your vessel can arise or fall, drift and go down river.
Watch the river of your images, dreams, emotions float by. Never try to stop this flow.
Stasis is over-rated.

(C)2018 by W.G. Milne

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