Friday, November 30, 2018


Only Love May Stay The Same

LYRICS - I love you, baby,
Now our ship is sailing
Away across a hidden sea
In the night somewhere it's raining
The windy stars are playing
On the shore somewhere a martyr feels his pain

And it's said pain will defeat us
But I really just can't feel it
I'm too happy to believe it
In this world though everything must change
You know that only love may stay the same

And I love you, baby
Like Madonna loves her baby
Like the Mona Lisa smiling
Like a traveler loves a mystery he can't explain
Under the magic lantern
In our cabin
The light weaves a magic pattern
On your face
And on the bed where I can't sleep

I watch you now you're sleeping
I watch you as you're dreaming
You toss in the midnight evening
Like my river Queen,
If you can hear the whisper of the sea
Well then you'll know my melody


And I love you, babe
Like the holy man loves the Ganges
Like the river sun runs shining through the trees;
I love you now completely
In this hushed light so completely
I love you now just as you love me

And it's said pain will defeat us
I really can't believe it
I'm too happy to believe it
In this world though everything must change
You know that only love may stay the same
You know that only love will stay the same.

lyrics (C)1990-2018 by William G. Milne

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


This song was recorded at Round Sound, some years ago by JOHNNY ROCK AND THE MAINSTREET BAND... These guys were jazz
players and you can tell this if you listen to the simple/complex rhythms of the song. The terrific sax play is Leo Trottier. I'm on the piano. Not sure about the drums...

It's lovely blues in a minor key... the song has terrific atmosphere.

Hope you enjoy the flow.

(C)1980-2018 by W.G. Milne

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Your love no longer waits, his soul is free
As waves are breaking gently to the shore
The moon is full and feels like evermore
It shines within your mind forbidding sleep;

Those tears you hide you save for true love                      gone,
Despite the busyness you have from day to day,
Late these nights you often feel this way;
Or when you hear some long forgotten song.

He comes to mind, the one who loved you true
He brought you everything you need;
And even taught you sometimes how to see,
To work and keep your vision true

Around you every morning there is bliss
So how forgotten can he ever be?
He holds your head each night now when you                    dream
Protects you 'til the morning with a kiss

One day he'll greet you by and by,
He always said he'd been returning soon;
In songs you would go dancing on the moon,
And chase the stars away across the sky.

(C)2000-2018 by William Milne
All rights reserved.

The origin of this poem is as follows: I had a friend who was grieving the loss of her father. She couldn't get past the situation and would say such things as: "He was the only one who ever loved me - who stayed true to me, it didn't matter what I did. He was always there for me. He loved me unconditionally. I always knew where he was and when I went home he accepted me with open arms... How can I ever replace a friend like that?"

        Well, the answer is, of course, she couldn't. No one can replace a father who always has your back. So what did I do? I held her hand and sat on a bench beside her, looking across the vast lake. I held her, but I was never going to replace his love.

        What do you do in a situation where you can do nothing?
I'll tell you what I did... I wrote this rather dazzling poem...


Jesus said: "Woe to the pharisees, for they are like a dog sleeping in the manger of oxen, for neither does he eat nor does he let the oxen sleep."

Walker Ballantine shared a post.
Admin2 hrs
A painting about the early history of the Christian/Gnostic world, under attack by the Roman Tenth Legion
Walker Ballantine to THE GNOSTIC GOSPELS
A fun painting on this theme!

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Walker Ballantine It's not exactly a fun painting.

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Walker Ballantine No, I can just imagine the horrors of those early days.


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Angela Hoffberg Walker Ballantine Can u see the beauty and another meaning in the image though?

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Angela Hoffberg As in the fiery power of the Cross?

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Angela Hoffberg I see the best in everything and won't let what others did get me down. Emuna.

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Walker Ballantine Oh, I can see the beauty in it... I painted that into it. I see pain and joy...and you're quite right - the fiery power of the Cross. That's one of the things I love about painting: so many things can be indicated at once.

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Angela Hoffberg Walker Ballantine True. I am amazed a human being can paint this way. The painting is gorgeous and well done, and people could discuss the meaning forever. How can one person write poems and sayings of wisdom, and also be a talented painter? This wasn't learned. You were born with this wisdom. It was already in you.


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Walker Ballantine Thank you,   Angela, that is a lovely and deeply meaningful statement.