Tuesday, October 2, 2018


        He who has known the True One
out of the midst of time, he need never
taste the grave. For he has learned that
by which men are saved.
        For each man must be his own ultimate
authority, if he would not live in fear.
Yet, how can this be? There is one only
ultimate Authority. And He is the Father.
For truly it has been said, all things
come of God.
        So, then, for each man to be his own
master, he must come to see. Man or woman,
he or she must come to see, and make the
Realization that lies amid the changing winds
of history.
        For some gain ascendance, and others lose it,
but all this is as nothing. For it matters not that you
be ascendant. Rather it matters that you be free.
These are the Words of the True One. These are 
the words of Destiny, which the poet has merely
written, but the Father has bequeathed. The poet
is the recorder only of the True Words our
Father leaves.
        For the time of prophecy is not over. Nor 
has it ended, the time for great deeds. But the
greatest deed of all, now, the most heroic is
to pass through death, and then in the
Resurrection come to see. Realize Yourself.
Know that this is the true Christianity, and only
through this means may the Chrism be
achieved. And the Chrism is the fruition of
the hidden meanings; and it is the Revelation
of all that has been kept secret. The Chrism
is the end to which Destiny leads. It is the Door
which may be unlocked to the Eternal
        The Mystery is Eternal Life.
Know that this is the core of the matter. If
you do not know this Meaning, all your
knowledge is as nothing, like dust on the wind
blown by the changing seasons. You will have
to know this Truth to find lasting Peace. For
here open the Gates to Eternity. And it is
through this Door that the True One speaks.
And the Door is here in these True Words
which the Father bequeathes.

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