Tuesday, May 29, 2018


SINGING & WRITING: “IT’S SO SERIOUS!” I was recording my song: “IT’S SO SERIOUS!” In a 24 Track Recording Studio just north of Toronto. I’d invited about 20 jazz musicians including the 5 of us in JOHNNY ROCK AND THE THE MAINSTREET BAND There were 20 or so musicians drinking strong rum in the manager’s office. I had hired a woman producer who was more of a ballbuster than I had expected. Half the band was black and they don’t like getting ordered around by this white gal. I realized they were plotting to kidnap her and put her in the trunk of someone’s car. I took over her chair right away, but that didn’t help much. They all could see her through the soundproof glass. They knew where she was… I was getting worried about her safety. So I took all my clothes of and started singing this next song in my underwear —- I was aiming for some comic effect… when I started barking like a dog, baying like a hound – this got plenty of laughs… I wanted to bring a pit bull into the studio and have him howl under the microphone, but the manager nixed this idea. The mike cost about 10 Gs and he thought the dog might eat the mike… So I had to take over. That’s when I wrote this song. “IT’S SO SERIOUS!” And I’m glad I did.

The song must be a success because little kids jump up and down on their beds when they hear the music.

Plus my daughter, Abby, when she was little, she really started to laugh when she heard the line: "GOT SOME CRAYONS... YEAH I GOT SOME CRAYONS."

Hope you enjoy it, too.

This is a great song for lightening the mood when things get too heavy.

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