Sunday, March 25, 2018


        Terry Odd, a friend of mine, crossed over to the other side recently. I don't know how it happened, but I'll find out soon.

             What do I want to say other than: "God bless you, Terry?" You and I have been to some weird and wonderful places and situations together...
              ...  things that no one else will believe
now that you have gone along - and so now I have no proof.
             I promise to relate all these tales to you, dear reader, but this is just a short statement
of love and loss.
            One essential thing I have to say right now is: in many of these circumstances Terry and I laughed together, laughed deep and hard,
laughed until we fell to our hands and knees with tears in our eyes, gasping.

          Like seeing that one cow in the herd all the other cows avoided like the plague, and she waggled her head back and forth in the weirdest way. And her tongue hanging out of her mouth in the most ungainly and comical fashion.
        After smoking a big one, that is... there was nothing funnier... 

        Though I had to wrap a chain around her heels five days later and drag her with a tractor past the gravel pit into the swamp out back... way out back. There was nothing funny about that.

         Terry used to say he was odd by name and odd by nature, and that was true all right. He's also a very funny man.

         Now I suppose you're meeting the folks in God's other kingdom. He counts the circle of our days.

          God bless you, my friend. Travel well.

          I'll meet you next time around.

          Thank you for the fun we had and the joy
we shared under the open sky.

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