Wednesday, February 21, 2018


A number of PUNK BANKS opened for JOHNNY ROCK AND THE ANGELS in the punk era... I liked punk music and it's simplified, raw values.
         One such band was the BIFFS. They
sang a song they wrote called: "I BROKE MY MOTHER'S CORNING WARE AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY!"
         One or two women from the Ontario College of Art showed up to some of these performances wearing nothing but cellophane... Playing hot songs can get you worked up big time some nights.
And to see these naked women --- well, I found it to be a moving experience, to say the least.
       These were the days before when women started lining up at the stage.
        "UP UP UP" is a raw hot rock song --- a song that reflected the struggle to survive through extreme psychological difficulties of smothering expectations... problems that almost smothered me completely.
         But if you persist in your deviant beloved dreams, chances are that all those mine captains
will give up on trying to change your nature...
         Be stubborn. Never let go of what you love.
Following your dreams and what you love, this is the path to freedom.


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