Monday, January 15, 2018


      "How do you stand it?" Hank asks.

      "How do I stand what?" says Frank.

"The endless darkness, doesn't it get on your nerves? And the ungodly silence!" asks Hank.

"Go out and howl under the iron grey sky in the dark of the endless night, howl under the sky...
and see how quiet it is."
        "That's what I do when it gets too quiet,"
Frank says...

"Jesus, I'm not sure I'm willing to go that far...
  What will the neighbours think?"says Hank.

"Neighbours!" Frank begins to howl with laughter, then he runs across the packed mud floor of the foxhole, throws open the moongate door barefoot... Now he's howling under the outside leaden sky that hides any moon that
ever could  hope to be...He's wearing nothing but shorts. The snow is up to his knees.
       In no time at all several voices join in.
The wolves can't keep from howling, too,
on endless silent interminable nights such as

      "Artie said you did this..." Hank says, "But I never really believed it to be true. I thought he was drinking and joking, telling weird tales... But now here I am sitting in the actuality..."
      "Now I have to believe it. They're all howling now. It makes me want to do something...It makes me want to run!"
       "But there's nowhere to run,sinner man... oh Jesus, I better not start singing that song."
Something has me in it's grip."

      Frank comes back in... descends into the big foxhole. He's panting, more than a little out of breath.
      Hank is silent for a while. 

     He says: "I didn't think the wolves were that close."
       "They aren't that close. The Big Weasels keep 'em away.


(Wolverines can eat a wolf. And when they're done they piss all over what remains.
Then no one will even think of eating what remains after that).

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