Monday, December 25, 2017



          It's worth reading Walt Whitman every few years... no need to read all of him. His book's an ocean, as all great books are. There is no real beginning and end and there doesn't need to be.
         I think of his phrase:


and it rings inside me like a bell.

         People worry and argue about the distance to the stars or what exactly the soul is. And where God was at such and such a time and
exactly what name he/she used at that time, and what preceded X and what followed Y. None of this is useful in spiritual realms.
         We know that certain things are true and we get a sense of how the universe moves and
realities become apparent.
          A friend dies on his deathbed. And you are across an ocean. But at the very same instant as his death you have a dream of him,
a hearty greeting and not really a farewell.
          Whether we call it spirit or a soul, certain points of consciousness travel across this earth, and these points of consciousness move. And, yes, we know there is death, but certain points of consciousness never die for long.
           How does this work?  Well, we have the small ego and then we have the big Mind. Egos come and go, but the Mind abides forever. 
           In the Realization (foundation experience) one goes through a change of identity... identity becomes Identity.
           Now these things cannot be explained and rational thought cannot encompass the meaning of these things. Nature is fluid and ever-changing, and this is true of our own natures, and yet there is a constant.
          What are the constants in this world.

           (1) change is a constant;
            (2) the speed of light is said to be a                              constant;
             (3) the nature of Realization is also
                    a constant.

Arguing specifics achieves nothing. Rational thought is how we build tools, but it is not how we apprehend reality.

             I don't have time to argue semantics.
If you want to argue time and place and the names of the part of God that was there at that specific time - you're in the wrong class.


             We are not studying analytics. We are learning focus so that we can get where we
want to go.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

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