Sunday, November 12, 2017


"He was nailed to a tree and he became
the fruit of the Knowledge of the Father. The
fruit did not, however, cause destruction
because it was eaten, but to those who ate it,
it gave cause to become glad in the discovery.
and he discovered them in himself, and they
discovered him in themselves."
                                           The Gospel of Truth  

                          I'm going to post

paragraphs from the Gnostic Gospels, 

the real Gospels discovered in Egypt in 

the year 1945.

              The passages I choose will have 

the full Seed within them

Close study/meditation on any one of these

paragraphs may well lead you into 

a Gnosis that can cause     

 Realization (foundation experience).

              So I'll choose deep meaning 

passages that cannot be explained.

It is necessary to bring your full focus

into perceiving the meaning of 


              A mindshock is necessary to 

shake the very foundation of your being.

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