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        There are Places of Power upon this planet. These places tend to decide what's going to be written from them.  Of course, as the writer I make the final decision. But if certain words really insist on coming through the well head. I let them.
         Censorship of any kind screws up the writing process. I am either open to the flow or I am not. This passage comes to us from an Island in the midst of a ninety mile long lake in the Near North of Ontario.
          Last time I wrote on this island I wrote the poem, "Ten Thousand Paths to Dawn at the Peak of the Silver Mountain." This has become a surprisingly popular poem.
           Let's see what happens to this piece, which is spiritual, also. At first glimpse  it appears to be using more traditional terms.

I praise Thee, Lord of hosts,
Lord of Israel, Lord of Isaac and Abraham,
Lord of Albion and the countries of the
        red earth,
Jamaica and India,
Lord of all the Islands throughout
7 oceans and untold seas,
Lord of the Meeting Rivers,
Lord of magic and prophesy
Vision and E.S.P.,
Lord of Grace,
Grace which is the sole provenance
of the Lord.

O Lord, thank you for your gifts,
Thank you for your Love,
Thank you for the enduring
Strength you give to us,
Strength and power of the Immaculate
Dream - strength you give to me
So that I may spread your Word
And praise your Name...

I praise thee for your seed
Through which your Presence may
Be magnified: I AM THAT I AM
Your Name is to be among us
As your Mind is a mysteryAs is the Name of your Anointed
True One the risen Christ
Who is your Son who arises
Within us when we purify the
Focus that is in us - as we
Prepare an empty place within
Us... A place where your Grace
May shine, once we have made ready
A holy altar of the psyche in your
Name - a place where the eternal
Mind of Christ and all the Bodhisattvas
And Saints may find joy in the
Emptiness we prepare: we shall be
Nothing so we may be the Plenitude of

This is the mystery of how Christ
Has come again in the Chaste
Chapel we prepare within us
The holy chastity that you bless
With your Presence, the Presence of the
Son who is One with Thee
O Lord I praise thy Name
To the heights, that you have given
That such a place may be as the
Silver, shimmering Bridal Chamber
Where Christ comes again in the
Blessed and prepared Mind of man.

My mind became His Mind.
I died to myself and became the Holy
Name of Truth which blossomed
Within me. This is a mystery
How this comes to be, the Chrism
Where man becomes God briefly
And views Eternal Life.
How this occurs is a mystery.
I can only say, "There I have been.
And all doubt was removed from me."

Within me Christ arises,
He comes again, as promised.
I remember this moment 'til the
Last of my breath. 'He who finds
The explication of these words
Will not taste death.'

These words would never have been written
without the miraculous discovery of the Nag
Hammadi Library in Egypt, 1945. The most
ancient Gospels have come down to us, only 
through the magic and the Presence of the Grace
of God throughout these last 20 centuries.
Make no mistake, this is a modern miracle,
without which we never could have been saved.
       The most ancient Gospel, the secret words of
Thomas, the Gospel of Thomas is discovered anew,
and the unadulterated vision of the saviour can now
shine forth in all its original glory.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne 
     and the Gnostic Christian Church.

Why do I feel the need to explain? The above passage was a moment of extreme brilliance in the sun on the waves and in the air in the sky. It brought to mind the basic enlightenment experience I had, or which passed through me, when I was 23.
"Enlightenment" the words smacks of the East. But in fact what the word means is "bringing light to the darkness" or "curing the blind" - these are both phrases the earliest Christians used.
              I repeat, their emphasis was 'knowing' not 'believing':
you have to take those first few steps of faith and belief - and sometimes that is all we have to guide us - blind faith. But when we step deeper into the matter, when see that inner knowing is the key.
              The Gospel of Thomas stressed this:  "He who drinks the bubbling waters from my mouth WILL BECOME AS I AM

These words are about knowing the Christ, and meditating inwards until a 'mirror like moment' appears and the soul of Christ, the living one, reflects in your own soul, inner spirit, whatever words you would use.
          Remember I am a mystic not so much a scholar. I will not tend to give you chapter and verse.
              Remember, there is a great deception in words. The most ancient terms do not mean the same as the terms and words have come to mean in the average church... "MOST ANCIENT GOSPEL FOUND ANEW." This means the earliest tradition is being born in us today... after the resurrection of the forbidden Gospels --- The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Truth. The ancient emphasis, before the monopolistic lies set in, this is what will allow the Christ to arise within us.
        He is called the "Living One" because He does not die. His Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, is available to us through meditation and an inner journey. Do not imitate Christ, know your own soul...And the dawn will come within you.

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