Monday, October 16, 2017


A black dog walked across the road
Down by the bushes where the river flowed
And I thought of you with your heavy load
No rest for the wicked
Or for the innocent who are beginning
        to grow

And I though about the words you said 'bout
        wanting to dig a hole
About something coming down so hard, so fast
And chewing up your soul
And I thought of how to help you
Help you find a place of ease
But with the twisted tales your teachers told               you
The doctors can give you no relief
So no rest for the tender ones
Who are being - forced to believe

I SAW YOUR SILHOUETTE on the sidestreet
By the Mexico Hotel
The storm blew up so quietly
With its silver bell
And I thought about the words you said
About wanting to take me home
But that rich wind on that southern sea
Begins to blow
So no rest for the innocent
Who are beginning to show

The man in these old clothes
 I used to be
He walks anew now
Quite differently
He might hide, he might devise
He might do most anything
And he's all yours, my darling
If he has his bell to ring
And there's no rest for the innocent
Who are beginning to sing

The ghost trucks on mainstreet
The highways at ninety-five
Now I really want to kiss those ruby lips
Now I really want to survive
But there's something passing on down the                    road
Like a hurricane blast
And if I want to be peaceful
I guess I better move fast
So if you'd rather keep your innocence
Honey, just ask
Yeah, if you'd rather keep your innocence,
Honey, just ask.

(C)2000 by W.G. Milne

I'm finding bits of the lyrics for this song.  I remember I really like the tune & the words --- so I'm trying to find my songbooks and retrieve the rest of the words... Also, find an   OK mike to record it with. I'm trying not to re-write because the original images were terrific...
          Or the entire song might come in one early AM long memory.

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