Friday, October 27, 2017


Autumn's brilliance goes again,
As our loves go so our dreams,
Flows the river past this peak -
Water's silent violent speech

As our dreams so our loves go
As the river by this beach
River weeping as it flows
So goes our ancient sorrow

As our love goes so our dreams
Below this bridge to pass downstream
Must I still remember then?
When love has gone and I remain

If love is gone but life remains
And I am left still standing here
And you are still so out of reach
Now I share the river's tears

I cannot stay, I cannot, no!
I cannot keep this love alone
I see your eyes in the mystery
Coursing slowly past this beach

Love runs away like water flows
How swift love flows how slow life goes 
I see your face, just one instant, brief!
Your face in waters beyond reach;

It's some mystery I don't know
As our loves go so our dreams
You blow a secret kiss to me,
Mona Lisa of the stream.

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

This poem is inspired by Apollinaire's
"Le pont Mirabeau".

Of course, there are many differences, not just
the languages... I find Apollinaire's masterpiece
perhaps more elegant... But this poem here,
to my mind, captures the same essence of sorrow.

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