# CASTRATION FETISH, # enjoying helplessness, # shrinking fetish, # EUNICH fetish, CUCKOLD fetish, # need for humiliation,

      This story is a TREATMENT
which touches upon the above compulsions. 


      Slowly Charlie Harper finds
his control slipping away… after all
the years of fucking and loving Madelaine…
humping and meeting minds with her…
he finds – her sex and beauty more all-
consuming, her ass and thighs more
obsessing… his lust and need greater and
greater. Rapidly his need is growing -
he knows he can't say ‘no’ to her.
          In short, she can make him BEG -
can easily force him to humiliate
himself into an unconditional
       Harper knew this, and even
though he shouldn’t share such
thoughts and realities with his
lover in ascendance – he does tell
her… of his need.  His Need IS so much
stronger than his pride or ego or anything
else – this need he finds with the sex and love…
obsession and the desire to grovel, crawl and beg.
       “I’m gradually losing power in our
relationship,” he tells her. “Slowly but
very surely you’ve been gaining
control. You’re one step up.
It’s getting obvious.".
        “Yesterday when you ignored
my fit of anger, I was surprised…
at your cold calm. I was worried,
frightened  and also — I was
painfully aroused.”
         She just smiles.
          “After all our writing,
it’s really happening – I’m losing it!
And you’re gaining the throne -
you’re finding your new strength
just as I am losing mine – becoming
a wimp, a mincing fag… I can’t
say 'no’! You can call the shots.
Soon I’ll be your slave!”
      “Soon?” she smirks,
arching an eyebrow.
      “Well… in fact – if the truth
be known… if we speak of it from
the bone: I’m your slave
       “Harper, I know… I’ve known
this. You don’t think this is
news to me, do you?”
       “It’s not?” he asks, high, polite,
falsely attentive of a re-pubescent
         She doesn’t bother to answer
but snaps her fingers, almost
absent-mindedly, sits up in bed
and says: “Right after daybreak I want
to work on a variation of Judge Mona’s
heavy rubber squeeze technique".
      So, soon as you wake,
stretch 3 of the ¾ inch wide strong
black elastics tightly  round your
out thrust ballocks, pulled out and away
from your belly…. O.K. Yes?”
        She picks up a a 4 pound black
electric motor and straps the heavy
duty device to the underside of Harper’s
said out-thrust purple swelling set
of testicles. Then she plugs in
the machine, sits down, lights
a cigarette and watches intently
as Charlie  dances a barndance type
uncouth country jig…and leaps
each time a bolt of electricity
goes up his balls and ass
         She laughs aloud as Charlie
receives shocks from the electric
cuff around his balls.. every ten
seconds he receives a jolt. He jumps
with each jolt, so the heavy weight hanging
from his balls bounces around, too.
         She picks up a heavy text on hog
husbandry and turns with a quiver of
thigh-cooling satisfaction  to the well-
thumbed pags where the practices
of huge-balled castration and tail
docking are discussed in extreme
detail, special attention beiing
given to various methods of
      She FEELs a shiver right
up into her groin… she remembers
the primordial groan one patient
uttered… when he realized where
he was going.  Dr Bloch
recommended CASTRATION again…
and this time they had him  trussed
up in belts and chains and handcuffs…
bare-assed in his johnny gown
that was open in the front this time,
not a slit up the back.... Leaving his
family jewels exposed, as if someone
in the academic hospital was offering
ballocks up to the god of FUCK!
     Two of the nurses clearly enjoy
this, they liked snipping off the
large balls of a frustrated male patient
who hasn’t had an orgasm for years…
Instead these same sadistic sexy nurses;
they put two fingers up his ass and
milk his balls… drained his
fat limp cock without it ever
getting hard… They give him
the chemical castration needle at the
same time as Karen milks his
swollen prostate, Melissa walks
ahead towards the Castrations Chamber,
School of Testicular Reduction Therapy

 with the gleaming shears in her hand ---,
really letting her perfect big
ass dance just in front of the
groaning patient. He couldn’t
speak English at that point, so there
was no way he could talk his way
out of it. He was going to be
FIXED, just as housewives have
their toy poodles fixed at the vets…
so they don’t scamper.
         Gregor wanted to scamper,
too.. but there was no escape. The ritual
was starting. The seat of the steel
chair was moved back. His gown was
opened in the front.. His heavy low-hanging
balls hung down below the seat of the chair…
dangling low… oh, so vulnerable!
        Melissa stands behind the
stainless steel castration chair… and
listening to Gregor’s groans and moans
of terror. She reaches under her skirt
and fondles herself. There’s no hurry…
The patient’s strapped in, legs wide
       His balls hang low and heavy
like ackee on the branch… all set,
ready to be plucked.
         Dr Bloch used to always insist
that he do the castrations himself.
But now watching Melissa arrange
the snips and shears and cauterizing
hot rod, like a_soddering iron. She doesn’t
hurry, but puts on an enticing  performance
Bloch now prefers to watch
that hot piece of ass Melissa slowly
and dramatically prepare to neuter
the poor drooling fool….  who had
signed the Form 14 – absalute medical
release for all purposes. Totally
in the discretion of the doctor,
how they will unman the ridiculous
        “Once again, Victory!” Bloch thinks.
He’s won again. A  Helpless man’s ballocks
will be his in a mason jar tonight. The man’s
name, date and the weight of his testicles
will be recorded meticulously… In case the
male patient wants to return and check later,
and make sure he really is a nutless wonder.
         Every time, once each man’s snipped and severed
meats  are laying in the tray…Bloch drops his tousers and
begins to jerk off… Dr Bloch is actually gay. But he
really likes to fuck a castrating nurse from behind,
when she’s bent over his examination table
holding ballocks in the mason jar aloft!
          Then he really nails those wonderfully
perverted nurses. Often he fucks them up
the ass, so each professional gal can really
feel what he’s trying to say!
        Melissa is Charlie Harper’s
wife. She tells him about thirty
castration stories at dinner, and he
is so hot, so sexually worked up
that he marries her. A truly sadistic
woman is hard to find!
        He knows very well that she
  she has a passion for neutering the
men bent  submissively over
at her table… waiting to recieve the intramuscular needle
she’s about to insert deep into his ass cheek.They bend over so politely every month, always right on time
as ordered by the Court – they expose their white
bum cheeks to the court-ordered power she has.
          Do they know what she is doing to them,
with such regularity? Do they know that each time, she’s
reducing their manhood? Do they know that at each
visit she removes an ounce of their potency -
that she will inexorably shrink their balls and shrivel their cock, as she inserts the big needle into their bum cheeks
When pushes the plunger in.

       Still they come by, every month, right
on time, bend at the waist bare-assed…
waiting submissively for her to inject
the genital shrinking Depo-Prevera.
      Harry loves to hear every detail
as each man is neutered, unmanned, losing
his will and strength.. he becomes so accomodating
and agreeable. That no woman will ever pay
attention to him ever more..
     Harry can’t help himself… he beats off each
time she returns home after performing
this necessary medical procedure. The
submissiveness of the men  arouses Harry,
their pantless obedience.
      Why does Harry focus so much on men
losing their balls at the hand of a woman?
        "I have a strong castration fetish,
didn’t I warn you in the preface?" Harry says.
        Each night at 9:30 P.M. Harry sneaks out
to use the  public telephone, one block
         Whenever he’s with a woman too long,
the 'heaviness’ starts to creep in…When you
feel the heaviness, you lose your sexual response.
          Harry runs down the street to call
Madelaine. He only has about twelve minutes,
He doen’t want Melissa to get suspicious. Deep
down inside his psyche, there is a terror
of women… He doesn’t admit it to himself.
           It’s hard to say what caused this  black terror
of an angry response from a woman. He figures
something happened to him when he was still
in his crib. His grandmother was a puritan
from the Victorian era.  She probably didn’t
approve of Harry’s frequent erections.
           Maybe she beat his hard little pee pee
with a belt… or she pinched the tip of it
hard… Or, and this is the most likly, she
probably burnt the tip of his tiny hard-on
with the hot coal of a cigarette.
           He has no memory at all of the event.
But the Harper brothers have all studied enough
psychiatry to  know that something happened.
Maybe mommy, who was a split personality,
soaped and fondled his little prick in the morning,
getting him all excited.
           Then right after lunch – kind, considerate,
loving and erotic mommy – she’d come back as
Gracie the Ice Queen. The cold hateful stare of the
woman, when she changed. It was quite
upsetting to little Harry in his bassinete. One
moment she was rubbing and fondling his
baby manhood, getting him so excited.
          When she returns from lunch,
she has changed. She sits and watches
Harry’s baby stiffie with scorn, all the while
heating the tip of a hot pin. When Harry
stands up and approaches her with
his little sign of sex and love. She leans
forward and grasped the little erection
and inserts the hot pin into the tip of it.
             That sort of thing is hard on a
kid. You grow up with Bi-Polar or
an acute anxiety problem, or both.
So what does he do theirty years
later. He marries a wam and sadistic
girl, just like momma.
             When his wife surprises
him with a sudden change. Her hateful
mood shocks him. Seven minutes before
she was kneeling naked giving him
a tender blow job. He ejaculated quickly
right down her throat.
           Now she surprises him with
a sharp hunting knife, Harry has
some distant memory… He hops
up behind his armchair, takes the
back steps out to his
car and drives away.
         Mobility, that’s the key! … if
you marry a sociopath... be ready to
run interror as if the female devils of hell
are chasing you with hot curved knives.
         He sneaks off to the public phone booth,
runs down the street and opens the glass door.
He calls Madelaine.
         She’s laughing as she picks up the
phone. Someone is there . And she’s had
2 to 3 goblets of white  wine. He wishes he was
there with her, not sneaking around,
running down back streets.
          But he’s like a whipped cur… he has
too much guilt.
           Barbara is there with Madelaine.
They’re laughing.

H: What’s funny?
M: Oh, Barb and I were talking about you.
     In fact I showed her pictures of your
      prick in your cocaine days…
H:  But… it’ll be…
M: Yeah, it’ll be tiny. We were laughing about how
we’d deal with you… if you wanted sex…
and you showed us that… I’ve been telling her
H: Everything? (Harry wants to protest
     but his schlong is getting hard
     down his left pant leg.
  (They started to laugh again. Barbara’s
father had been a hopeless cuckold.
Barbara mocked him for that.. She had no
sympathy for her father at all,)
     Harry had always had a yen for Barbara.
Barbara is blonde and voluptuous
 She grabs the phone)
B: Everything! She told me everything!
    How do you think it’s going to feel
     to watch her he being fucked by another
H: She won’t do that.
B: Ha! It’s already arranged! Remember the time
    she asked you to spend some time in the
    showers of the YMCA?
H:  Yes, sure… but that was just sexual fantasy…
B: Fantasy’s becoming reality!   (He can hear
     Barbara snickering.)  You actually did it!
     You found the most well hung man 
     in the showers in the last two weeks.
     And you brought him home to meet Madelaine!
    Are you mad ?  Or are  you just that stupid?
H:  That wqs just for a fantasy
B: They’ve already had a date! And after
     looking at that picture… I promise
     you, you’re fucked. You did it too
M: I told her about your constant premature
       ejaculations, soon as you touch my ass!
       And I showed her the picture of you soft.
       I told her and Viola and all my teacher friends
        that this year the operative word is, “soft”.
        I told all my friends that you’ve been soft
        60% of the times I saw you this year!
                We had a good long laugh about your
B:    (Barbara snatches the phone from M)
            Once a cukold, always a cuckold, you must
       know that, of course.  You were born to
       be a cuckold! With a dickie like that, what
       else could you be? You wife’s got you by the
B:    It takes balls to speak up like a man, and
       you haven’t got ownership of them, Your
       balls are in your wife’s purse.
H:    Do you  agree?
M:     (madelaine’s back on the phone)
            I’ve already told you this! I want you
           to listen. I called you a eunich and I
         meant what I said..
             I’ have trouble talking to you the way
     you’re hurried and and secretive, sneaking
      off to the phone booth to ring me. Listen to you,
       panting and breathless like a kid who’s been
       let out in the yard for five minutes and not a
       second longer. Even your voice has changed.
H:Now it’s different?
M: It’s more high-pitched
H:  What does that mean again?
M: I told you yesterday! You just want me to say
     the same thing again, because it arouses you?
H: You’re right,baby, but PLEASE….!
M: Eunichs have high voices
         she said quietly
H: Are you saying I’m a eunich?
M: Yes, your voice sounds like one.
      If you’re not a eunich,you
      damn close to one….
       No! I’ll be honest. You’re already a eunich,
       a gutless wonder… your high, squeaky, whining
       castrate’s voice gives you away
H:    //aside:// He could tell she meant it. It was so
         humiliating, he loved it! He got an
         innediate erection… he almost came
         in his pants, spontaneously! Without
           touching himself once!
                He wanted her to tell him more!
          About just how much of a eunich he was,
           and exactly how he was a eunich, and so on.
           He wanted to be demeaned. He wanted her
           to do it to him.
M: I have very little to say to you , now I’ve
      ;looked at you you cleartly. I find your manner
       iritating. Tip=-toeing around your wife
      secretly so you don;t disturb her. Doing what
      ever errand she wants you to do…
 M:     Errands! How pathetic! You used to be
            a man, now you’re a woman’s errand
            boy, nervously eager to please. Like a cur
             who’s been whipped recently, cowering…
H: You don’t think I’m a man anymore?” he asks, panting
     his voice brethless and high. She can hear him
     frantically moving something in the phone booth..
     moving his hand up and down, oh so quickly!
M:  No, I don’t think you are a man anymore.
     I mean this, Harry. Listen closely.
      You’ve lost your manhood. She’s got
      you by the balls. You haven’t got the
courage to escape. She’s done something
    to you. Did she make you stand still
with your legs spsrt. You thought you’d
receive a few kicks in the gonads. But
she snipped them right off.
        You walk like a fag, trying to please
your stern wooman boss… mincing around
like a fairy, trying to be agreeable, On Your
tip-toes! Your heels never hit the ground.
        I don’t know why you bother.
Your little cock.. do you think it could
ever please a woman? No, it’s
useless to a woman.
        Why don’t you see a docktor
and have yourself snipped. Don’t
bother any more women with your
little boy concerns
M:                  A businessman  friend of mine is best
friends with the man who is fucking your wife.. I wasn’t
going to tell you this, but why should you be the very
last to know?
                   Oh, of course! A cuchold is the always
last to  know! And after all, you deserve it, being thre
nutless wonder that you are,, Cuckolds are always
 the last to know, aren’t they?. Part of being
a cuckold is being a deceived fool. You know that
don’t you...
               Women laugh at your for two reasons -
because you have a pin dick. And because you’re
stupid enough to be fooled
repeated.The neighbours laugh every time
her lover shows up,,,
             He walks in the front door. And
of course your wife-boss ordered you
to work the garden in the back
            “Don’t let me see you in the house!”
she says.

           Everybody’s laughing because
you’re so submissive and. Obedient
       You’re digging a hole in the back garden;
he’s digging a hole in your wife!
     Th neighbours can see both of you
at once. He’s on the front porch
with a towell around his waist,
relaxed, at peace...
drinking a martini.
       You're in the back yard sweating in the summer heat,
She has you working the garden at noon…
   Why? It's convenient for her that your stay outside...

        Finally, Harry shrieks:  “I’m coming!” panting hard and feeling the need to apologize and grovel  under the tight tauntingly white dress
Melissa wears now, when she is going out for another 2 hour lunch with her  impassioned doctors..

     April 25/14 / OCTOBER, 2017

(C) 2017 by W.G. Milne