Monday, September 4, 2017


 I can't find my songsheet for "LOVESICK"... So this is an attempt to retrieve the lyrics by listening to the song.

Here I am again
I've come to a pretty pass
I didn't want to fall in love again
Why'd you have to go and ask

Now I'm lovesick here without you
...My heart's just broke in two
I don't want to be without you
Why'd you have to do what you do?

 Ah, how you dance
Moonlight in your hair
Why'd you'd have to go and ask
If I would join you there

Now I'm down in the city
And I think of you by the lake
Oh I feel so lovesick
As if my heart would break

Why'd you do what you do?
Why'd your eyes shine through?
Why'd you have to go and dance that way?
You knew  I'd fall in love with you?

Now it happens once again
I've been alone so long now
Do I need to start again?
I've been through this so many times
I'm lovesick over you

Your laughing eyes
As you dance
Like a little Salome
When the king told you to dance

Now I'm feeling love
And I'm lovesick
It happened one more time
If I keep feeling this ache inside
I will sure die

Love is rarely rational
The Buddha told me so
 if you're ever going to 
         dance again like that
Be sure to --- let me know

You asked me for a promise
One I couldn't give 
Now I'm alone in this stormy place
Wondering how to live

Now I'm feeling love
And I'm lovesick
It happened one more time
If I can't stop this in this
I'll break down and cry...

There are several more verses. But I can't do
 any more right now.
          This song is taking me back to the same way
I was before!

(C) 1990-2017 by W.G. Milne

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