Tuesday, August 29, 2017


          Certain people have been impatient with me lately, attacking me with vim, verve and vigor - telling me what a selfish prick I am, etc etc.

I suppose there is some truth to this. Many impassioned artists are not the most considerate people.

In the middle of a painting, I don't want anybody to bug me and disturb the flow.

In the middle of a paragraph, when I've finally attained a real flow of words - when I'm living in the present, in the zone, and I'm writing in a dream of wonder --- including all aspects of life in the story - the sexual, the violent, the passionate, the spiritual, the horrible and the funny... I'll go bananas if I'm interrupted --- not very nice, but FUCK NICE.

My kids have no problem with me. They know what I'm about. They know the likelihood of my changing is as remote as the most distant star.
So why discuss it?

Laughter is as important as anything, and mon dieu I like to laugh. Laughter lightens the load for those who have been poleaxed by guilt and tragedy.

And there's also the matter that Christianity has been fucked up almost from the very beginning. Not when the MAN was there, not then. But soon after that the monopolizers were feeding us all a huge load of bullshit.  And we haven't shoveled out of it yet...  I'm trying to set this right and I've been succeeding. The health of our nation depends on it --- that the real path should emerge. Other ministers and priests have picked what I've been setting out and they're running with it. It's not financial success, but it's success nonetheless.

                  Is this irresponsible of me?
                  I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm justifying myself after a personal attack. And there's really no reason for me to justify anything.

Guilt is the enemy.

Shame is ridiculous, but powerful.

Paying for forgiveness & release from sin
is absurd. And it shows you how clever the Big Con is.

Here's how it works:
Find the most basic drive of the human species, the most pleasurable activity. Make the species feel guilty for what is most basic to their nature.
Call it sin.
           And since people always will revert to this most pleasurable activity, again and again ---- they're going to need forgiveness extremely often. And they're going to pay for it.
           Say what you like, the scheme is clever.
More than that, it's diabolical.

            In earlier days in Britain, phalli were erected at most crossroads.  A great big dick to worship at the crossroads. The Celts didn't see anything wrong with this, and neither do I. 
            The Christians showed up and X ed  out every phallus. They made each one into a cross. They made sex bad, sinful... Then they made you pay for forgiveness for the most natural and beautiful activity in your life.
           Things that make you go  HMMMMmmmmmm.

            Why deny the seed of life?

(C)2017 by W.G. Milne

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