Friday, June 30, 2017


          It was a hot summer that year and my job was to weed the cabbage rows at the Mimico Jail.
I'd made it from maximum security - to medium security. Now I was in minimum security,
but I was still in jail.
       The cabbage rows were really long. And there
were more than twenty of them. But the time I finished weeding the 20th row, the weeds were growing again in the first row. It was 120 degrees out there in the sun. And I was sitting in the earth and weeding.
        I played a little guitar at nights ... in the basement which had a nice echo. Most of the guys in our part of the jail would come and listen. I got wild applause for songs such as, "Big Boss Man."

       "YOU NOT SO BIG

           A lot of the guys in jail were having woman trouble. Their women were fucking somebody else... or at least thinking about it.
This kept us all on edge. Being teased from miles away.
          This jail was the place I wrote "FOREVER AND A DAY." I like this song.
Hope you do, too.
          Peter Rowland's playing lead guitar. I'm on rhythm guitar, singing and playing the harmonica.

(C)1990-2017 by W.G. Milne
      of Johnny Rock and the Angels

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