Thursday, May 26, 2016



           I have heard the the smallest scorpions are the most
           And then there are the albinos.

           I had an albino Labrador once. And she was more deadly than the other dogs. She was unpredictable.
           I caught her creeping up behind a couch once. I friend
of mine was sitting on the couch, facing the other way. Lisa,
for that was her name, she had never liked this particular
friend. She was rising up to take the back of his throat
from behind. She didn't bark.  She was totally silent.
I grabbed her by the collar just as she was rising up
to nail him.
          She didn't make a sound. She was totally absorbed
in her serious purpose. 
          She had never liked the fellow. She was going to kill
him. Why? Who knows. Trying to protect her family?
Who can tell?
           Or did she embody  some more primordial
            Maybe she wanted to eat him... Naw, not my Lisa!



        My old man and Teddy Pratt set out a subdivision
on the north coast of Jamaica. The subdivision was called
Mammee Bay... It still is. Now it's a recognized suburb of
St. Ann's Bay... and also perhaps of Ocho Rios.
        My father was trying to sell a lot in this subdivision
to a wealthy man down from Miami. He was pointing out
our "safe swimming area" to this guy; and just as
he was telling the man how safe it was - a large shark and
a huge Manta Ray got into a fight to the death right in
the 80 feet between the beach and the inner reef.
        Needless to say, dad lost the sale.

        So when I hear Sandles resorts advertise, "Swimming with
Stingrays," I have to laugh.
        It's not a good idea to swim with any stingray with a
wingspan larger that 3 feet. They have stingers trailing
on behind them... and then can whip those stinging tales
up against any one who steps on  them or swims too
        I have seen the swollen legs that resulted from men
who stepped on a ray 12 inches across. The rays disappear into
the sands of beaches. If you step on one, it nails you.
        Swimming with rays is a terrible idea.

        It's just the same as the cuddly polar bear ads
Coke puts on. Stupid! Stupid!  Stupid! Human beings
are on polar bears feed list. Give a polar bear a hug,

       Dumb advertising could well kill thousands of would-be
purchasers, people from our society ignorant of the
tendencies of real (not cuddly) wildlife.
       I'm just saying.


NOTE: Santa's Urban Survival Guide  PART of the FIRST
CHAPTER IS THE TALE of a 260 pound martial arts expert on a massive dose of PCP, following his own private psychotic dream...attacking imagined adversaries in public parks.
        Worrisome, no?
         Well I knew this fucker, and you had to be quick
with fast, clean white co-ordinated hands!

        YES, WELL my book "SANTA'S URBAN SURVIVAL GUIDE" has more than one dyed in the wool maniac in it!
This book does not tell you how to enlist in a health club.
Far from it, it tells you what kind of clubs to avoid, especially BIKER CLUBS (don't use these guys for security at rock
concerts - their murderous youthful enthusiasm can be
more than a little dangerous.)  And there are many other
things I advise you not to do.
         The truth is, however, it's easy to spot 16 motor bikes
rumbling down the lane to where you live... It's not so easy
to spot a psychopath... and It's damned nearly impossible to
spot a sociopath. I should know... I've been in hiding for
a very long time. Ho! Ho!

        So what do the shrinks say?

        They have very little to say on the subject of true
maniacs. It's too easy to be wrong about them. And none
of us like to be that wrong, especially in print.
        The movie, "Silence of the Lambs" relates the story
of a true maniac - but he was extremely well disguised, wasn't he! - he was also a psychiatric doctor.  A bit scary, that is.
Especially when you consider he is licensed to administer
the electrodes... whenever he wants.
         I can administer electrodes, too, but for entirely
different reasons, and my applications are to an entirely
different part of the body - which is my specialty.

      The truth is... I had so many doctors, shrinks, psychologists,
and well=wishers observing me ( once it became known I had an "abby-normal" brain)... by my very nature I had to observe those who were observing me... ... ( it was the only out and out entertainment I had).
       They wanted to know why a guy with a high-normal I.Q.
developed a brain rated in the high 170s. I couldn't really tell them the truth.  Because they had me locked up in a forensic ward - I was under observation for the Courts.
My 30 day assessment became an 130 day assessment approx.
        The truth, as far as I knew it was this: certain hallucinogens increase the speed with which electrical information is transferred between the synapses of the brain.
I was pretty sure that after my first 500 experiences on various
kinds of hallucinogens - my brain sped up and started to 
COMPREHEND  the universe in ways that no one had done as yet - with a few notable exceptions...
         Anyway... in an urgent need not to take myself too seriously... I realized (and let's not blow my horn) that I was
a better shrink than many of the accredited doctors.
         Wild and crazy, no?!!
          At any rate, the Greek gods punish us severely for hubris,
and some of their power still remains even in this century...
           Start getting excessively arrogant and they will KICK YOUR ASS! The Trickster god seems somehow to be related to 
them... but I'm just guessing.... and I have no desired to be punished yet again.

            I think it's time for me to shut up. But you know I have plenty more to say.
             What's one of the most important talents you can learn in this life, in whatever society you find yourself in... ...
              You must learn to duck!  And you must understand
this talent thoroughly! 
               DUCK QUICK!  Use your divinely-given reflexes!

                 And learn to crawl on your belly like a snake,
while the gunfire begins.

                          (C) 2016 by W.G, Milne

                               *   *   *   *   *   *    *

Terence McKenna: Jesus Christ & Christianity

He's not correct about everything.  There are 52 books in the Nag Hammadi Library. He omits the brilliant coherence of some of the early gospels... which are Christian.
       Plato's "Republic" is also found in the discovery of 1945, Upper Egypt. 
      Some of the Gnostic texts are exactly as he describes, but
by no means all of them.
      His account of John Allegro's courageous position is accurate. A Russian scientist and scientists from around the world have supported and approved of John Marco Allegro's
       The Teacher of Righteousness, a healer out of the Essene community, was crucified in 65 B.C. It is very possible that the story of Jesus Christ originated with this person.
       There is much in the Bible that has been miss-translated,
often deliberately. The sacred mushroom is at the core of New Testament code words.
        None of this worries me a bit, nor does it shake the knowledge I have in this matters.  Jesus Christ, whoever He is and wherever He is born, He is Christ Consciousness to me.               And this Consciousness comes and goes like the wind
and can arise, now more than ever in the minds of men.

        Terence McKenna was a brilliant and amazingly articulate man, and perhaps more important - he's funny, too.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


SEXUAL LOVE............. SPIRITUAL LOVE..................


       I passed through a mystical experience
at 4:30 A.M. today... and it carried me a step
towards my goal of unifying the split
in the psyche between the spirit and the flesh.
       Make no mistake, the spiritual and the
erotic both partake of the infinite atoms
and energies of the same universe. There
is nothing, not even E.S.P., not even union
with God, nothing that is not corporeal.
       Atom's energy and  spiritual energies take part
in both experiences - in all events that happen
through the medium of the human brain.

        So why do we revere the spiritual
and denigrate the physical? (Same old
question on this site.)

        I had a transcendent experience
this morning. I felt Aphrodite smile
within me. I felt Her smile with mercy
within my heart...I felt Her tender
         What had I been doing before
this? I had been obsessing with
sexual desire focusing on psychological
fetish. I had been focusing for hours
on various aspects of the beauty
of women, the beauty of womanhood,
feeling passion and devotion.
         It was then I felt the transcendent
presence of Aphrodite within me.

         The sense I got was that the energies
of the Father God, God of Abraham, God  who
opens the clouds,Lord of the meeting rivers;
the God of Christ and the prophets...that the chaste
 communion with the one who is creating us
could meld and merge into the love of Aphrodite - that the two divinities
were one in the same... especially
through the prism and the
mirror of FORGIVENESS.

                                                         (C) 2013-2016 by William G. Milne
                                                                and John Rock Corporation