Sunday, September 11, 2016

OUR SECRET PAGES - banned song

      This song is about a passionate love affair
I had with Miss M over the years. We kept our lives apart, which was wise... But our interludes were hot!
         I'm not going to lie to you and say no S&M was involved. There were whips, ropes and riding crops - humiliation and radical delight.
        KLG's photo-art gives the song a more universal meaning.
        The beautiful little girl is my daughter Abby Rose and she is quite apart from the core meaning of this song... (Which has been banned once already, but we don't need to discuss that fact right here.)

        I recorded this tune in a garden shed with a 4 track Tascam. This is was my first attempt at playing extended bass. The raw lead guitar which is meant to emulate obsessive sexual frustration...
Well, I played that, too.  With no effects. I wanted to keep it thin, sharp, twisted and raw... with blunted notes towards solo's end.

             (C)1990-2016 by Bill Milne and John Rock Corporation

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