Tuesday, June 14, 2016


         The gulls sweep in from the island
at 5:45 A.M.  They come especially on
garbage days, when the fat bags are out for pickup...
          They beak and claw right through the bags
all right, and chew the tasty morsels. And then
the crows come down and there is a nasty
ruckus - fighting over the tasty bits... dragging
the garbage bags down the street, if there is
a bit of a wind.
         They come and wash their beaks in the small pond
on the roof in front of me. I'm not sure of the pecking
order between gulls and crows. I'll have to watch
more closely.
          A hungry or pissed off raven will kill a pigeon
and eat its entrails. It's not a pretty. Of course,
they don't do such things in front of me
if they know I'm watching.  They might lose their pond
privileges. Not sure what these birds are
thinking, but, trust me, they're smart.  With
fast beaks. They can remember 20 to 200 hiding
places, after they steel your car keys.... the ones you left
gleaming in the sun.  You won't know where they
are... But the crow will know.
        So crows are smart and gulls are fast. Throw a
french-fry up in the air for a gull, he'll catch it
as he's flying by. No muss, no fuss.
I saw a gull eat a dead mouse once. I threw it in the
air. The gull let it land, then picked it up and dipped
it in my rooftop pond. Once he (she?) dipped the 
mouse in the water, he swallowed it whole... wet
and slippery as it was. It just slid down it's throat.
       I caught 27 mice in a trap that day...threw them all
to the gulls. Half an hour later, all the mice had gone.
       I like their savage caws and hoots early in
the morning. They remind me  who I am.
Sitting by my window with a book and fluids
 at five A.M.

                                             (C)2016 by W.G.Milne

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