Thursday, July 30, 2015


             This slideshow is of random pictures,
but the next one won't be. I don't know how to combine audio and video yet for Youtube. Please excuse repetitions and photos of typed pages (?)  Where did they come from?

           Since I'm writing about music so much,
and the joys of playing on stage, together with the scuzzy backstage dressing rooms and rooms under the stage and rooms up a circular ladder above the stage...and the parties we had there
and in nearby hotels; and serious conversations
into the dawn, and laughter and comic routines
all night long, and laughter, laughter and
loud music... after already playing for hours...
a good jam always made sense.  And some of the best songs were written in the wee, small
hours of the morning.
            The idea is to tell the stories around each song, as a sort of living framework  put together into a musical round... playing
guitar and learning how to use the mike, and
how to keep a crowd interested, how to hide behind towers of amplifiers, then creep out
on your hands and knees and start to sing a love song.... How to use all the stage equipment
and the psychology of dealing with the crowd -
until you are an expert.
             My memory isn't great about
a whole lot of things... But I remember where I was and what was happening, and who was where, when I wrote each song.
            So I'm going to do this - a partially audio book.  If the wind don't come up and
the waters don't rise!

            Problem is, when you put a song on Youtube, the songs need a video component.
So I'm starting with slideshows.
            Tho I don't know how to add the music -
add original music, which seems to be more difficult than just grabbing a tune from a list.
            So this is my first try at adding a video-like component. Unfortunately, the audio track has not yet been added, because I don't know how.
            Many songs to come.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So I'm riding down Main Street
on my smallish, rusted red woman's bicycle.
Apparently my silver hair flies behind
me about 2 feet, which looks funny to some people; and it look's horribly offensive
to other people. Some of the burly truck
loaders and box deliverers, they
are horribly angered by my very appearance.
And the fact that I appear to  be
quite satisfied with my meager means of
          Granted, my bicyle is not a car.
But the wind is in my face when I ride
it and weave thru traffic, I like this.
But some people are deeply offended - like this
less than intelligent 300 pound
delivery boy, an errand boy really
despite his appearance as a man.
          Now I am master of one martial
art, the kindest one on earth - judo.
And I am highly proficient fighting
with staffs, steel pipes, 12 inch blades
and full long swords.
          I happened to have a sword with
me, tho no one could tell by my
elderly, apparently weakened demeanour...
I could have circled around and removed
his head as he was bent forwards trying
to read the words on his delivery form.
          Shout in my ear, will you?  As I
pass by on a pleasant shopping jaunt,
with my former lady, ex and sometimes
not so ex woman who was riding her bike
right before me, as we both pedaled down the
           No one would have been the wiser.
No one was watching. No one cared.

(1) It is best if your enemy underestimates
      you drastically.

Monday, July 13, 2015


I give a happy shout out to Terrence

He,too, has found conscious entities through various membranes beyond time - riding the wave of semi-legal BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

I'm told he's dead: I expect to see him at any time.


The little people exist
all right. And there are more of them
than anyone ever imagined!

The problem is, it took me three days
with no sleep in order to see the little people
And I was usually drinking something, too

I never saw them otherwise - unless I had
gone without sleep for the requisite three nights - and that's not easy. I used to do it frequently. "Exhausting the brain."

Terrence found an easier way to enter into
forbidden and unknown realms. He used D.M.T.,
which is a natural chemical in the human brain.

If you starve yourself for about a week,
you will start to experience the same kind of
visions you will experience if you boost the
DMT in your system. 'Exhausting the body.'

I have done it and it's not pleasant -
the streetcars get very annoying as they squeal
around corners when they make their turns.

Sometimes it's better to ingest a medicine
in order to effect the improvement in brain
chemistry, rather than engage in extreme practices.

The shamans have been doing it for thousands of years.

Why not we?

The early Christians ingested
the Sacred Mushroom ("Eat this, this is my body").

After that the knowledge of the sacred mushroom was repressed. Mushroom use is esoteric knowledge.

Not for the masses. Ho! Ho!

And look where we are now, because of this repression. The churches are screwed. Communion is meaningless.

When Christ said, "Eat this, this is my body." He
was being literal!

I am talking about the nature of the original Christian Communion. They used wine and the flesh of the sacred mushroom. If you ate the flesh of the gods,
you yourself would undergo an experience of divinity.
You didn't have to take some priest's word
that holiness was real. You embodied it.

??Many of the words in the New Testament
are code mushroom words.

SEE: for his brilliant delineation
of the hidden mushroom words. See especially the INDEX in the back of his book, "THE SACRED

John Allegro was brilliant in his methods, sussing out the derivation of language all the way back to the Sumerian. His thesis is now ACCEPTED by most independently
thinking etymologists working today,

including one well-respected Russian
professor professor, who affirms Allegro with gusto.
It is generally accepted these days
that John Allegro's perspective on the
meaning of words in the New Testament
is the correct view, however unpalatable
Allegro's findings may be to the churches.

(Despite being right, John Allegro's

honesty about the Christ and the mushroom

being intimately related, this courageous

truth-telling resulted in him being mocked

and rejected. It ruined his career.)


We have to discuss the basic right of PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS DEVELOPMENT. We must encode it into our CONSTITUTIONS and BILLS OF RIGHTS.

For this is the paramount right. The right to explore and control one's own mind, and make meaningful decisions.

Without having this right and encoding it into law, all the other rights we supposedly have become meaningless.

This is a topic for another day. I'm having way
too much fun writing this article to get bogged
down in a legal argument.

This is a central legal issue. And
it is always much more pleasing , in the realm of Constitutional Law, to argue a principle that is
entirely correct.

The right to explore your
own consciousness and think independently
goes to the very foundation of the law of nations

I am extremely serious about the necessity
to encode this basic right, but let's not
make the argument now.

Exploring Inner Consciousness itself, the FINAL FRONTIER is far more interesting than making legal arguments. Though

the above mentioned argumnent will have to be made,
and it will be fascinating to make it.

Think of this: in a democracy
one man is required to vote. But how can a person vote
without totally exploring the ground of his being. The very principle of democracy is based on the freedom to derive one's own opinion - freedom of thought and freedom of speech without restriction or restraint.

Certain medications, fuels and foods are necessary for deep thought
for the individual to fully form his own
opinion - in order to properly make the democratic decision.

Medicines that illuminate the mind and increase the vision of the brain, we must use
such substances. It is necessary that such medicines be legal.
Why should we restrict ourselves from using

these necessary shamanistic plants?

Chemicals are important.

Emotions are carried through the human body
as chemicals, peptides.

Is it so strange that
an organic chemical messenger should gives us
our first taste of holiness? Our first taste of the Lord who rides the clouds, the Lord of the Meeting Rivers, the Lord who is the mirror within us, the sacredness of all things?

God uses chemicals. Why is it improper
to find Him with the assistance
of chemicals?

To find the Universe of the Mind within us, explore the ocean of the real...the God Molecule
exists to help make us see the nature of the sacred.

We have been taught such utter crap. It
is necessary to unlearn all one's upbringing, all one's schooling, in order to be able to begin
to see.

It is urgent that we begin to know the divinity
around us, the incandescenc
which is the spirit-heart-mind burgeoning within us.

Consciousness travels in mysterious ways - but it does travel. And it reaches into our innermost being.

Distractions are not enough to nourish
the soul, we must have the vision of what is precisely before us, exactly in the here and now.

Whatever fuels are needed, we must use and
approve them.

The Sacred Mushroom - it is essential to use
it in the Christian sacrament of Holy Communion. It is necessary for
the religious use of an indigenous sect -
the Christians. Because it is essential
for a religion to perform its most
important sacrament, it must be approved
by the Courts.


(C)2015 by W.G. Milne



      The more we are different
the more we are the same.
Each generation believes it is going
to change the world.

       I suppose this is  supreme
arrogance; but at the same time it is

  each generation's Grail quest...
contained within this beautiful, caring arrogant dream.

The earth does not need to change...
 we need to change;
we have meditative work
to do to
to attain to the wisdom of dogs!

let alone  meet the level which is the
sensitive, inter-related

wisdom of the earth.


Some work can be done in the spirit of
play. Dolphins play in
the deep blue sea. Why can't
Dolphins have bigger brains
per body size then we do. But we
make up for that. We have hands,
Fingers with opposing thumbs!

We can throw things over an
intermediate distance with
amazing accuracy.

Dolphins might be smarter
than we are, but we are more dangerous.

Have you ever seen a dolphin
light a fire?


         Elizabeth used to travel 150 miles
in order to visit me and clean my kitchen.
Then she'd get naked and run a bath and we'd b
hop in. She was a very attractive
woman... so I'd want to have sex.

More than once she said: "Oh, no!"
"Billy, Billy, Billy!......Man is a playful creature."
She wouldn't have sex with me.

She said:

        "If I have sex with you now, you'll never 
          write about me."

         Well, we had no sex,
and I'm writing about her now
thirty years later.

       I guess she was right about
a few things.

        The more things change, the more they
remain the same. Talking about the passing
of generations,
I was amazed when I discovered that
bellbottoms were in fashion once again in the 1990's.
         I was running a large bar at the Concert Hall
in Toronto (Davenport and Yonge). That's
where I saw the returning bellbottoms
on folks attending the concerts.

Those pants hadn't been in fashion since the late sixties.

          Also, I swear I saw a clone of Lionel Ritchie!
            The clone was singing exactly the
same kind of songs that Lionel Ritchie used

to sing. The same party was going on,
but a different generation was doing the

         Things recycle and return in human

....    even  people. Archetypal
identities recur.
        I used to sit by the sidewalk and
watch the crowds pass on Yonge St., Toronto.
The crowds passed and I watched them and I saw
the same   karmic  groups strolling past,
with almost identical faces as those I had seen decades before.

         The same groups recur.
        Again and again they pass... and it seems as if I
am watching again.
        Maybe I am fulfilling

an archetypal role also.  The role of the poet-
observer. This role has a long lineage,

going all the way back to Homer.
        I was sitting by the sea once, north of

        The earth does not need to change.

       The human world, of course, does need
to change. We can't keep shitting in
our water supply.

I'm using the word, "shitting"
as a metaphor for all the nasty

twisted chemicals and substances
we create in city dumps... to leach
out and poison the groundwater.
And the sources of our food.

A large pipeline company
analyzed the chemicals leaching
out of the old city dump in North Bay
and they found thousands of chemicals -
including chemical compounds that are unknown
to man!

            It's not fair to point at just North Bay.

 All of us know this.
             The mechanical
monster we made to serve us - this monster
can do much to effect the clean-up, if we have

the will. The clean-up
will take time - maybe fifty years - before tuna
can thrive again in the ocean's depths.
          And if we only live once, we can say,

"Fuck it! I'll be gone. Who cares!"
           But what if we don't live just once?
            What if the eternal return is a certainty?

             Chemicals are important.

The emotions we feel
are carried through the blood as
chemical messengers. We embody hundreds
and thousands of chemical processes, most of them

We have to change our way of thinking and
That's not easy.

"Be the change you want to make
in the world"                 *

Michael Jackson's song, "Man in the Mirror,"

is apt.

 Most of the mystics are very aware.
  It really does come down to the
Man in the Mirror.

The mirror, amazingly enough,
even if it is a metaphorical mirror, the
mirror comes into evidence
in most mystical pursuits, after a certain

amount of sitting is done.

I see the shining face of Philip
Kapleau, zen master of the Rochester
Zen temple, the man in large part responsible
for bringing zen to the west...

I see his face
when I talk of the mirror and
mystical pursuits. He comes
to me and confronts me one more
time, with an understandng smile.

The first time he saw me, he frowned.

He appeared just now. What a joy
it is to see him!

So it is all true, after all, is it not
wondrous teacher? It is said you died
years ago... But somehow you  are alive
and you come to me across distances,
still conscious. You just proved

there is really no death.

One smile from a Buddha or a Christ
can teach you more than all the conversations
you have had in all your days with other people.
Peoples' minds are distracted... Not so
the mind of master  Philip Kapleau.

He is one of the saints and bodhisattvas
who make up the CONSCIOUS NO-OSPHERE
around the earth.

I hail them every morning: "O you holy saints
and bodhisattvas, I honour thee!"

"O Great One who is creating us, I praise thee!"

 Each time  I have a difficult task
... this communal array

of conscious minds thinking as one -
any name will be insufficient -

THIS GANG OF GOD-MINDS, incredibly, inexplicably
they help me, and after my task is done, I know I have had their help.

How do they help me? I can't say.

In the same way E.S.P. works... in the
same way sub-atomic particles can be conscious...
That's how they help me.

I have no idea how the universe works! Or
How the earth is inexplicably conscious in
various places... I have no idea how. I know only that I have been there...
that this consciousness exists.

In my lifelong pursuit as

I have had many deep experiences of weird shit
and also experiences of transcendental

 realms where the past and future are
known in one burning presence.

                             PART 2      


         I give a happy shout out to Terrence

     He, too, has found conscious entities through various membranes beyond time - riding the wave of semi-legal BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

NOTE - Part 2, "Chemicals, Folklore and the Bill of Rights"   will be continued in the following
                        * * * * * * * *

on a peacock's tail

On a peacock's tail there are many eyes,

Within you, jewels are hanging from the trees

Pearls and rubies of worth beyond imagining.

There is not one Big Bang, there are many!
BOOM! There goes another one!

In the frucktifying Mind of the Multiverse,
Crystals and diamonds twist in the galactic wind.   

I may see the same view through an electron
microscope as I do through a telescope.
Inner is outer - literally.

You don't have to go anywhere else
to buy your true love jewelry.

You don't have to go half way around the world to find the answer.

The answer is within every
molecule of all things, both inner and outer.

The answer is within you, and it is out
in the midst of the rollicking stars,

Oh boy! What fun!


 What you have to do sometimes is go
a little crazy... in order to join the dance.

"Some people never go crazy, what horrifying
lives they must lead" **





                                              * Ghandi

                                             **Charles Bukowski

(C)2015 by W.G.Milne