Sunday, February 15, 2015



                        Cheers from Johnny Rock.

Monday, February 9, 2015


        When I put my mind to dreaming, I imagine what it means
for the earth to be 4 1/2 billion years old. And until recently
human history was thought to be a mere 6000 years old -
back to the garden of Eden.  (For a long time the church insisted on this view).
         But the sphinx has rain erosion on it from 9,000 to 10,000
years ago. And the worldwide monoliths appear (  oriented towards the spring equinox) to have sunk 400 feet beneath the sea, after the melting of the last ice age.
         And unrecorded human history goes back certainly 250,000 years ... to where it began to get interesting, and human types  began to form  symbiotic relationships with the sacred mushroom.
A strong sense of  the divinity of things came to  the humanoid man with the eating and smoking and making tea out of a variety of sacred plants.
         To be fair, not everybody agrees that human history was
drastically changed by the ingesting of sacred plants. There are
two schools of though:  (1) human history was changed in a major way by the consuming of the sacred plants
and (2) the sacred plants had very little effect on human history.

        But if John Marco Allegro is correct in asserting that the New Testament in the Bible is in large part a code containing puns on words for amanita muscaria, and that the anointing of Christ himself is a process that involves the sacred mushroom... If Allegro is correct in his highly-detailed etymological argument, which is to be found in the endnotes of his book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross ... then we really must re-think our attitudes
towards both Christianity and human history.
        By the way, a number of highly respected scientists have
confirmed in recent years that John Allegro is absolutely correct in his findings, thought and argument.

        We have been so certain about our limited opinions, but this is madness and sheer stupidity. The incredible scope of four and one half Billion years - we have no idea what has occurred in that massive stretch of  time - the miraculous blossomings of culture, and the abysmal devastation and inundations that occurred to sweep each culture/civilization away. The only name that survives from the last global sea-going culture is Atlantis.  And that name is half myth.
         Thousands of advanced civilizations may have come and gone on our earth over billions of years, and we  have
NO IDEA what has happened, how, when, where or why.
          Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last global civilization, a mere 10,000 years ago, was so completely destroyed that not one name of one individual has survived.  Makes you think, doesn't it...
about the efficacy of human pride. I mean, go ahead and become famous, my brothers and sisters, but don't expect that fame to last.
In a mere speck of time, globally speaking, all names disappear into the beginningless and endless dancings of the Tao.
         Many ice ages have come and gone, and no names have
come down to us. Nothing has been recorded. The ability to write and talk and start fires has come and gone and come and gone and come and gone, and the conscious life through which the earth arises to know itself - this life likely was not always humanoid.

Thursday, February 5, 2015



There used to be a writer for the Globe and Mail in Toronto, who did a weekly article called, "a Writer's Notebook." I think this is a good idea since writers ( like me) have long attention spans...when we're hot on an article, but extremely short attention spans when listening to the opinions of others.
         In the 'writer's notebook' method, a posting may have four different subjects. I wanted to give Richard Needham a thumb's up because this idea was originally his,
and the title was his also.


(Jesus! What a subject  for early February!)

(1) DEPRESSION is anger turned inwards.

So they say, but I've never totally understood this definition.
However there is no question that repression, both spiritual and sexual, repression is a major cause of rage...
and rage repressed causes depression.  

In my psychological studies (and when I have been studied) 

I 've learned that
repression, for example female orgasm repression,
is a major cause of stress and rage, and not just among

women.  Rage not felt
is depression.

(2) DEPRESSION is listening to your 'Negative
Script' 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - listening
to that hateful inner voice circling round,
just above your unconscious mind - saying
vicious statements about your lack of worth,
about your ultimate identity as a shit.

(3) DEPRESSION is believing that your life
is over when it's not, and while other people think you are doing
well...(when in fact you are doing well)


(4) DEPRESSION is distrusting the motives of those
people you love. For example, thinking your
wife and children can't wait to bury you. Can't wait to kill you for the money wrapped up in your life insurance policy...

or you can't wait to kill yourself for the money in your
insurance policy.

And your neighbours want to steal your land.

And more such paranoid thoughts, which may or may not
be true.

(5) DEPRESSION is the feeling that you yourself are
worthless scum, and you don't deserve to live,
and the voice circling inside your head confirms
this belief repeatedly, a hundred different

(There are techniques for avoiding the NEGATIVE
SCRIPT, but they are not easy and they don't always work).

(6) One quarter (1/4) to one third (1/3) of Manic
DEPRESSIVES kill themselves. It's a very dangerous

             So survival schemes are necessary. A plan
is essential, and a calender to map out the upcoming
nadirs of your mind.

(7) DEPRESSION is no fun. Depression can kill you,
even when you try to run
to avoid it.

((When I wrote this depression bit, I found some of the

paragraphs funny...This morning before coffee, I'm
not so sure))




So I found myself locked up with a man who liked
to talk. He talked all thru last night, but I heard very little
as I passed out about ten seconds

after I was pushed into the green steel

drunk cell - the kind with a drain in the floor,

and a floor that slopes gently down to the drain -

the kind that they can  hose down in the morning.

         My cell mate was shaking his fist and striking a

pose to make a speech. There was no one


         The police shut the outside door,

cutting off the five "night cells" from their own hearing

and the hearing of the public as well.









I have been lying to people, saying I buy this cheap sherry from the LCBO because it's the best value in the store (which it is)... Saying this, "It's OK if you add water to it (which I do) and add  lime to it. Which I never have done.    

            Actually, any alcoholic drink you get very
very used to... it'll be just fine. Your alcoholic body
will crave the alcohol so much that a mess of water
will not ruin the drink. In fact, a major inundation of water into your booze will be more than all right. Your addicted,twisted, perverted, craven alcoholic soul JUST WANTS THE BOOZE!

Your real body, the spiritual, cultured, happy and generous " spiritual" part will want the extra water... Do you know why? Because your body BLOODY WELL NEEDS THE WATER!! So this will improve the drink - in so far as you'll be healthy enough to have another.

And the limes, which I have never put in before... but spoke of because I wanted to make the low cost drink sound classy... The limes I NEVER bought and added, tho I said I did...Well, today LIMES WERE ON SALE at the grocers. So what did I do? I bought ten of them. And you know what? LIMES MAKE THIS DRINK TERRIFIC!!! Just as I said it would in my MENDACIOUS storytelling.

        Fantasy, reality, storytelling and mendacity
all combine today, right here, right now - they weave together
into a wonderland of truth, taste and lies
INTO A BEATIFIC piece of exquisite drinking!!!

So what does this mean?  Does it means I was
telling the truth all along? Not exactly. But I'd order this drink in a chic chic expensive bar any time. If I could get them to carry the ingredients.