Tuesday, June 3, 2014


           I've spent most of my life trying to 
figure out what the hell is going on
here, in this place where we are...
on this planet...Ever since they flicked
on the spotlights at my sudden birth.
        Do you ever look at a tree and say,
"How'd that get here?"
        "YeS, we call it a tree...and we think we
know what that is. But does anyone
know what a tree means here on this
weird planet which spins...
           on which the sun is bright... 
the air is clear...Travelling beings, we are -
through space on  the crust of a  symmetrical
 rock, molten inside - zipping along
 at thousands of miles per second
on a parabolic  course which repeats itself
through the seasons... year after

             And what the fuck is this?
Running over my
like quicksilver?
             We don't know what the water is,
let's not kid ourselves. 'We have convenient names
for things we only half see'.   *
         There is a great confusion in names.
Once something has a name, we tend to ignore
its reality. We have this name, "raccoon" or
"crow" and it's settled then, we know what
an animal  is because we've named him.
         'Names make us blind to the true nature
of things'   **
         I can tell you one thing. Very few
people really know what a crow is. To know a crow
you have to spend time with a crow... 
       I spent six months with a crow in my living room
and I tell you what, I found a crow is very different than what I had assumed a crow to be...
        until I had one
eating out of my cereal bowl in the early morning...
Or swooping down to pluck french fries off my three
year old child's plate...
         Not only are they strange, crows are fast, very fast. A crow's beak tends to be faster than our hands...  Just
try to snatch something out of his cage or nest. He/she'll
catch your finger with his beak...almost every time.
 Also crows  like shiny objects and can use tools.Unfortunately, crows have a tendency to hide 
those shiny objects, such as
car keys and  tools.
      And crows remember things. I'm not sure exactly what kind of things are stored away in those beady-eyed heads... But remember this, a crow can hold a grudge. 
A crow can remember 200 hiding places...
        And a crow can fly down to Carolina
in the winter and fly back the next spring
and land on your lawn right beside you as if
nothing has happened.
        What we don't know about crows is what
we don't know about every thing , living or not,
animate or inanimate. 
              I'm not suggesting you get a crow for a pet,
in order to get a basic grasp on the nature
of reality.
               That would be a mistake.

              We don't know what air is
 and how it got here - just right for us to breathe.

           There is a basic weirdness about things***...
You ever noticed? You ever looked closely
at a bat's wing, the eyes on a peacock's tail,
the eyes of a trout?
           Or  an otter . Or an apple,
a mango or an orange. We take these things
for granted.  But we don't know what they are.
We do not fully digest the amazing fact
of the presence of these thing.
           Some days I step outside on a bright
and sunny day and I say, "Holy shit!  Who turned
on the lights?"
            Sometimes you have to take a
little step to the left... in order to attain
a different perspective on things. Almost
any step you can take is better than
continuing in a form of habitual blindness.
            This is why I honour hallucinogenic
plants and their medicines. They increase the
rate information leaps across the synapses
of the brain. We see things we have never
seen before. And we see people and objects
in an entirely different way.
             Such a change of perspective
is essential to the mystical quest.
              There is so much it is necessary to unlearn.
                Mystics have used sacred plants since
the beginning of time. Since I am the bush doctor  
 at the School for Mystics, I feel I can speak 
freely about this subject which I have been studying
for years.

               Of course, you don't need to use
hallucinogens to have a mystical experience or an experience of the sacred... 
               You can get the same effect by not eating
food two weeks, by drinking only water. Then sounds
begin to irritate you... and you have stomach cramps...
 but really and truly you have a different perspective on things.
          You know things are weird, yes, likely sacred, too,
But you can't experience the vision for long...
well, yes you can experience the vision for a long time...
when you're sitting on the toilet, doing a purge that
no one thought was needed, and certainly not you.
You didn't want the purge, or anything that resembled it.
          Sometimes the medicines creep up on you, and take a turn. Just as in established hospitals, sometimes the interns just creep up on you, when you haven't agreed to or signed on to a particular procedure... you get it
        You had no such intent. You wanted to
focus on the eye of the universe, not the eye
of you ass...
                Though both exercises can engender
 "deep" experiences... you wanted an in depth experience.
Well, I must say, even in the School For Mystics,
nothing is guaranteed.  You pay your quarter, swallow
the elixir and take the ride.

                I must say to you, though: which ever
approach you take on the mystical path,
you must be comfortable with your bodily functions.
          Don't even take a step on the path to completion,
 if  vomiting or  total anal purges  disturb your sensitivity.

                Nobody said this would be easy...
              Even if you take the more
expeditious path, body purges will still
be necessary. No point in taking a rare
medicine, if you have a clogged up system.
                 Travel to foreign countries will give
you a different perspective also. I have travelled 
all over the globe meditating in places of power. 
                (And I missed a lot of good parties
 because I did this.  And at least one woman has
left me, through sheer exasperation).
                There are many mystical techniques,
but not all of them are legal.
                It has to do with what you wear,
what you eat and don't eat, when you ingest the
sacred entities.... and when you don't.
                But first of all what you need is the
enquiring mind of the mystic. If the first thing
you think of when you step out your door is,
"What's going on on this planet?  What's
that, who's this?"  etc.
                Then we can start talking about
techniques of cleansing, psychological preparations,
meditating techniques:    
               (First) How to focus.
                (Second)  How to see.

* I better put this into Walker Ballantine's book of aphorisms

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