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God and pleasure:

                                    Having  said that there is only one God, the One who is Creating Us....    He/She has been celebrated in many ways.
And I might add Yahweh, Jah, our Father - who is said to
condemn Baal... He is the storm god, god of ejaculating fertility...

God as Seed:
                          Baal... Jehovah condemns Baal?
                         In fact, this is not so - Jehovah used to BE Baal. Originally he was God of SEED, God of the fecund furrowed fields.  The original function of God
was inseminating the earth. Providing seed that renews itself.  

           Any force that opposes this seed-creating function
of the One Who Is Creating Us, any such force or entity
or corporation is evil. Make no mistake, this is evil
with a capital "E". Seed is meant to replenish itself.
This is the very essence of God and Goddess.

              Baal has been given a bad name. But Baal
is not evil.  The Father God used to be Baal
in one of His earlier incarnations.
            So let's cut the bullshit... All this
horse manure about 'sex is bad', 'sex is a sin'.
 God used to be sex itself. An ejaculating phallus in the sky!
            But this function of the deity went out of fashion.
We no longer wish to see God in that way.
                        Times change but basic realities
don't change.

                       As primitive society grew more sophisticated  people got tired of seeing
rows of men, dicks in hand, masturbating into the
rising sun, honouring Him by emulating the primary
function of the Divine Being.
              OK, people got tired of seeing this...
this I can understand. But to place a Biblical
injunction against such activities... well, that's
going a little far.
               One  fact must be remembered
before we follow the  tendencies of this day
to not respect the fertility aspects of
religion. The basic fact is:


It is the motivating factor of all living organisms,
even single-celled organisms are motivated
by following pleasure. 
              For example, it feels good to eat. It
feels good to procreate.
              Let us not be too quick to condemn
pleasurable activities. 

             To the early Greeks, there were many gods, male and
female. The head god was male, let's call him,
"Zeus" although his father, whom he castrated was called
Chronos, and Chronos, when he took over... he castrated his
father, also.
           The name Chronos is another name for TIME . And like
           If you have a castration fetish, and most men do, for
obvious reasons... this might sound kind  of arousing...
the vulnerability of the testicles, swinging in the wind,
the fact that balls are so easily removed gets many
men musing on the subject of castration.
             The castration that time gives you in reality
is not arousing; after the fact, it is not erotic
at all.

             The earlier gods had a strange sense of values.
You could kill and steal, and that was all right... so long as
you didn't steal the cattle of the sun god, you were more or
less O.K.
            The one type of behaviour the Greek gods really
would not allow - really would not sit still for... what really
pissed them off was 'hubris'. Hubris is extreme egotism.
Hubris is an extreme form of arrogance, such as, "I can
throw a spear farther than Ares, the god of war." Well, you 
didn't say such things out loud. In fact, you didn't even
think such things, or the gods would get you!
                   Another 'no no' was saying something
like: "I am more beautiful than the goddess of love".
You don't make or even think such statements about
Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love...or very unromantic
 DOOM will be right around the corner for you! 
               Aphrodite has many ways to punish us.
I've seen it in others; I've felt the doom in myself.
Sometimes this doom can feel very like falling
in love.
             Arrogance such as to diminish the dignity
of the gods, this is still not a good idea. I am convinced
that the Greek gods are still  present, certainly
in the back of our brains,  and they still kick the
shit out of us when we are arrogant.

This wonderland, this play land
called the 'human psyche' has more ins and outs
than anyone could ever mention.
                  Even death has many entrances and exits.
And just like in a theatre, where you can always see
the exit sign, if you look carefully, and get down
on all fours to examine the situation, you will see
the bright light of day penetrates under the doors...
         Even in the darkest dungeon, light can be found eventually... 
                In  "life's rich pageant", in the darkest play, exits
can be found. Sometimes an entity, a psychic reality such
as one of the Greek gods, can show you the way
out of the maze in which  you might find yourself trapped.
              Never say never about anything.
               All things are possible. One door closes and another
opens. Death is an opening door.

Goddess and forgiveness:               
         Before the patriarchal gods, of course,
religion was a matriarchy. The Goddess ran things
and I don't believe She is gone, either... We give
Her different names... but, she's still around. And She
can be wonderfully maternal, kind and forgiving,
like the warmth of the sun in an open field. Like
the warmth of living in a straw longhouse in an
open meadow. The Goddess can embrace you and
can forgive you in the most wonderful of

Goddess and Castration:
             But don't count on it. Don't take Her
for granted. Do not belittle Her in any way.
             Have you ever looked into the eyes of
a woman as you are falling in love with her...
sometimes, on rare occasions, her face will light
up more brightly than usual - a golden glow surrounds
her head as a halo, and there is radiance in her smile.
At such moments, in my humble opinion, she has
become She.  
               Your lover has been mounted by the Goddess.
Try not to fall in love, when this happens. You will fail,
 my friend. Love will find you and this is almost always
a good thing.
              Once again, Aphrodite is not a Being you want to
mess with... horrible things happen to men who
have insulted the Goddess.
              For example, have you heard the one
about the handsome young man who falls in
love with a 3-legged dog, and he is seen on all
fours, throughout the town, scampering after
her ceaselessly...ignoring the advice of friends.
              Many jokes are told about such men.
And such jokes are not kind.
             To insult the Goddess, especially the
Goddess of Love, this is not a course of action
I recommend to anybody.
             Remember what time does to male fertility.
Time can be sped up!  And don't forget the Fates,
the Three Sisters... one sister has a pair of scissors
in her hand... and she can cut the thread of a man's
life, or the thread of a man's balls, whenever
she wishes... 
        This is what is called, "The fickle finger of fate!"

Egotism and 'kalpas': 
        I had a thought the other day. I had been watching
a Graham Hancock video.   He was talking
about the many underwater monoliths that exist
under the sea....   these structures are more or less proof
that human civilization existed and flourished before
the last ice age... say, 10,000 years ago, when the seas
were 400 feet lower than they are now.
                  When the ice melted, the waters rose - and
hence we have the myth of Atlantis.

                   When I say, "myth" I mean it in the sense
of the deepest memories we have, the most profound
archetypes to be found at the core of human
                    Myths are stories about circumstances
that happened in the golden age, "the dream time"
primitive peoples speak of.
                    In fact, myths are stories about
what always happens what happens over and
over again from the dawn of time until now.
                    The modern usage of the word, myth
means an erroneous story... A story that's a myth is
a story that's wrong. This is a shallow use of a
very important word.
                     The Bible is a myth. It is not meant to
be read as history. It is the story of people travelling
from heaven into hell and back again: from paradise into
the wilderness and back again. From the fallen cities of
Sodom and Babylon  to that holy City on the Hill...
and  back again.
                     (See Northrop Frye's, "The Great Code"
I studied with him for four years and he influenced
my thinking deeply. In return, I was sharing
the earliest Christian gospels, so-called " Gnostic" 
gospels with him.)
                      A myth is a story describing our most
basic reality. 


           A though I had the other night is this: "We don't remember
a single name from this past civilization of human kind."
Not one name!
                  What do you think about that?

                  Human beings have been on earth for millions
of years. Recorded history appears to go back
a mere six thousand years. Six thousand years
is a flash in the pan of human history.
                 When God says, "I built the world in six days
and on the seventh day, I rested." It's best not to
be arrogant about things... it's best not to take these
words literally!
                 The whole Bible is a continuing metaphor.
Metaphorically speaking, mankind has gone from the 
garden to the wilderness, and the wilderness to the
garden many times... This is the symbolism of the

                   All the past and all the future are contained
in this present.   Moses exists now and so does
Abraham.  Christ's statement, "Before Abraham was, I am,"
this statement has profound meaning. The Mind of God
thinks, processes in the present. This is why He
calls himself: "I AM THAT I AM." He does not use
the word, "was", to describe himself.              

                  What is this  "Course of Study"?
What subject are we enrolled in?
We might call it: "The Mythology of the Human
Mind - Between the Apocalypse from the Dream Time."

                In the great Hindu religion, they have
something called a "kalpa". It appears to me that a
kalpa is approximately 15,000 years. And thousands
of kalpas (or cycles) have gone by, this is what they say.
 This is how Hindu sages have expressed the situation we
find ourselves in.
                 If the last major global civilization 
existed 10,000 years ago, before the ice melted
and the oceans rose 400 feet... then a 15 thousand
 year long kalpa (human cycle, rise and fall from global
civilization to global civilization) seems right on
the money! Those ancient sages knew more than we
give them credit for.
                      We are arrogant in our "modern" age,
we tend to think we're smarter than anyone else has
 been. The last civilization undoubtedly thought
the same thing... and yet not one name remains from
that last global village. What's the name we give that last global
civilization?  It is "Atlantis."
                   The people of Atlantis were intellectually
and technologically advanced also... and what is left
of them? Many many monoliths remain, aligned to the
solstices... under every ocean - under waters, but clearly
visible...deep beneath the seven seas.
              Last night I had a thought that we know not
one human name from that great civilization that
existed over ten thousand years ago. Not one
name of a human being is remembered. Only the monoliths are
proof that the last civilization existed, because
they are such massive stone structures.
                It is said that thousands of such civilizations have
come and gone in the past four billion years,
during the life of this planet earth. We have no way
of knowing how many.

ego annihilation and birthing:
                It makes me wonder what value the individual
human ego has, if it can be wiped out so utterly. Not
a single person's name survived! 
               What is the value in struggling for fame or gain?

                In my view it makes more sense to drop the eggshell
ego our parents gave us, and learn how to be one with
the Universe.
                  Only the universe lasts, and the One who is

Creating Us, all His processes continue ceaselessly
in the present.

                  "Only the present exists. Our world is a
continuing dawn, a continuous birthing." This is how
Heraclitus put it...                   
                  As Northrop Frye said to me when I was
asking him some questions after class one afternoon.
He said, "No one embraces the universe, if he has anything
else to hold on to."
                 I agree with his  statement. Yet utter ego annihilation
in an individual results in such a marvellous dawn for
the person who has undergone it.

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