Thursday, May 15, 2014




A friend asked me - 'what is my target audience?'
Truth is, I don't think of a target audience. I know I'm communicating
with you. I don't know exactly who you are... but I write a lot of wild
stuff... So you must be a little wild yourself and have a broad range of
interests, if your're reading my stories.
The last article was about the sexuality of older people, ie: Elmer, when I
drove him into town to get supplies. Elmer lives in the Great Beyond. He has no neighbours.
         I like going to his place because he has 12 big plastic barrels you can beat on as
         I did this the other day.
On a calm morning the drums resound over the lake and echo in the hills
on the other side of the lake. Once I get into it, I start chanting as well
and I can feel every blockage in my body being blown clear.... all veins and arteries being blown clean,any tension,
any anger, any hatred - you can howl it out, you can chant these feeling out and away into the hills...
chanting until you are singing at the very Eye of the world.
        This is how it feels.

         There's nothing but bush in all directions, forest, trees, scrub oak, poplar,
birches, racoons and bees. They all hear me. The otters and the red squirrels, and
the muskrats, the bears and the smaller weasels.
I guess the fish hear the drums, also. I have to assume they
like the drumming also... but, who knows?
        "There's a Natural Mystic flowing through the air." *  And in the drums also,
 and in the silence that reigns afterwards.
          The drums get the ravens flying around a bit, as if I'm disturbing them.
But when I sat down against a big white pine, when I had finished one time,
I looked up to the top of the tree I was leaning against. And a bunch of ravens
were sitting quietly in the top branches, right behind me.
So I guess I didn't annoy them too much.

( Maybe the ravens are my target audience. No, that's nonsense.
Ravens don't read. But each bird, I'm told, can remember about 200 hiding
places... They don't read now.... But anything's possible in the future. )

* line in a Bob Marley song
Respectfully submitted,
RRR, W.G.Milne.

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