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                    Following on from last night on the subject of
         These are people I've come across, either through
reading or travelling.
          Philip Kapleau, Zen Master, of the Zen Temple
in Rochester. There is no question that he has
realized (experienced satori).
            Padma Sambava - ancient
master of Tibetan Buddhism. This man/saint/god/seer,
if one fifth of what I have read about him is true,
he must be studied. He is one of those characters
who had the ability to look into past lives and future
times as well. There is a tradition that he would 
hide books the world was not ready for, so that
they would be found at such a time as when the book
would be needed and its import could be grasped.
           This is the tradition of the tulku,
in the path known as Tibetan Buddhism. The tulku
is the guy who is going to find the book hidden
by the master...the tulku might appear 200 years 
later to complete the task and retrieve the book
set aside centuries before.
            This might sound like nonsense to you,
but remember these are the Himalayas of the
human Heart-Mind-Soul we're talking about now.
In fact, the word Upanishads means just that.

           One of the sayings from Padma Sambava's
time that I love:  "The secret book could lie
open on the King's Highway, and no one would read it."

           Of course, there is Lao Tzu and his book
"The Way of Life". This book is fluid, like water,
so it's import is hard to grasp, but this is a must

           Other mystic minds from the Himalayas
of human vision -  Meister Eckhart and Heraclitus.

            And there was a Zen Master who taught
in Europe until his recent death. I'll remember
his name soon.

           When you live at the peaks, you see over
birth and death, so there is a continuity to your
vision. This continuity is transcendence.

           It is said there have been many Buddhas.
And there have been many "annointed ones"
called the Christ.
           But these are not different people. Once
a human mind has passed through the Foundation
Experience called "Realization", called "kensho",
also called "satori", an ego death takes place.
The eggshell ego implodes. A new identity is born.
In fact, the ego or old identity becomes  capital "i" Identity.
          If you would know the Eternal, experience
the meaning of the words "eternal life", the
superficial identity within you must perish, and
once you enter into communion with the one
Mind, then you know that death is impossible.
           Put one way, it is only God who lives in the Eternal.
Once you have taken the necessary steps of humility and made  yourself ready for Grace, you may
 enter into holy communion with Him, then you also
live in the eternal realms - you live in that place
where eternal life dwells.
          We call this place heaven. Heaven exists on earth,also.
           To say the same thing in different terms -
saying the same thing, but putting it differently -
there is one Suchness. Once you
attain to the Mind that is the core of the suchness,
you are complete.
            Liberation is yours... but whether it is yours,
or his or hers no longer matters. You have gone
beyond possession. When you have 'reached',
you live in the pure land. You live in a place 
beyond grasping. 

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