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                          We've been told a fairy tale and we've
been told to believe it.
        As Heraclitus says,"The past does not exist;
the future does not exist. There is only the present,
and the present, every instant is a birth, an unending
birthing, moment to moment.
         I drank a highly hallucinogenic punch and, in
no time, I found myself clinging to roots of a huge
oak tree in Queen's Park, Toronto, weathering
a massive lightning and thunderstorm with
wild winds and bursts of heavy rainfall.
         It was midnight when the storm started
and I sat there for a long time, thinking
about the nature of reality. Every time a fork
of  lightning hit, I thought I could see the
teeth of Zeus in the lightning.
        When morning came I was soaked,
drenched to the skin, I felt like I had been
on an ocean voyage.
        Walking north to my rooms I watched
the lighted buses heading south taking
the people  downtown to work, people hanging on to
the ceiling hooks of the buses.
         I felt like a total outcast, but it
didn't matter. I was on a mission.
I finally made it to my desk. I threw
my shoes and clothes into the bathtub so they
could drain. Clutching the grain of the
wood on the desk... on a fresh
sheet of paper, I wrote these words:


Then I fell into bed and passed out.
        It doesn't seem like much of
a discovery, but all my life 
I've remembered those words.
         The process is always happening
now. There is never any past or future
to the process.
          The Mind of the One Who Is
Creating Us is always in the present

        He/She/It did not create something then go away
and watch his past tense handiwork from above.
           We all know this is not how the earth works.
Just look at the sub-atomic world - everything is
in constant flux. 
            This is the river you cannot step in twice.
Right before you under your gaze, and right
within you the process is continuing. It
always continues right now.

                More than one person has asked me why 
I stress the word,  'mind' or 'Mind'. 
Why not use words like spirit, soul, faith, belief, 
God etc.
           Well, I do use these  words... but if I
use the word God  I get in trouble for it...
People have no idea what I mean by, 'God"  
I prefer to call this  being, I prefer to
call this Being by other names.
                   Soon as I say, "God", people 
start backing out of the room!
            After what the churches have done,
I do not want to use the same terms the
churches use. I don't want to be
associated with the churches.
      If  I  think in the old terms,
 it messes up my vision of reality.
       Creation never exists in the past

         As Heraclitus says. "The past does not exist;
the future does not exist.  There is only a constant
birthing... existing now.
          "God" did not create something then go away
and watch his past-tense handiwork from above.

        Just look at the sub-atomic world - everything is
in constant flux. It is never the same river.
           Every 7 years all the cells of our bodies
                 The churches of early times  put heretics
to the sword. They also defined   the word. "heretic." 
All the terms of belief were set up by the Empire
 church many many years ago. The tenth legion of Rome 
supplied the necessary muscle - to enforce their
view of reality.

                They  created the  entire fairy tail.... 
 Then they told us how to believe in the
fairy tale!

                And the first part of the fairy tail is this,
the first thing they had to do was  make the Teacher
 so special, so remarkable, so different,
so rare, so exceptional  that no one would 
ever aspire to be Him.
              His attributes were out of this world;
they were unique. He was a distant star and
the early bishops wanted to keep him that
way - DISTANT...  We could follow
what we were told to follow, but only
at a distance.

             Why did He have to be so remarkable?
For this reason only:  He had to become a Commodity
that they could monopolize.
         THEY HAD A PATENT ON HIM! After all
they made him up out of whole cloth; they invented
that fairy tale form of him, so we all could happily
make believe
           If anybody said," Christ is our innermost
nature", that guy would be locked up!

          But I digress. I'm not going to rant and rave 
anymore about the deception that was made out 
of early Christianity. I've said enough

          Today we're going to bring science and religion together,
so that they can hold hands.

           (Please see "Meeting the Man in the Mirror 2)



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