Sunday, March 2, 2014


         This is a difficult subject, but we must speak of it.
It's not discussed enough.
     Truth is - I've been drinking a bit. The academy awards
are on... and I'm not sure I'm up to this subject just now.
I'm a lot smarter in the morning.  In the morning
I'd rather not take on even 1/2 way difficult projects.
In fact, I'd rather not talk at all first thing... And I only
feel like writing after a pot of coffee, reading a tiny bit
of the news, looking
and taking a deep breath of the totally isolating but
deliciously sweet air up here amid northern lakes,
and swirling lights dancing all night long... something
I no longer do very often... stay up all night.
          But I did it last night.
           Now I can write on such things, briefly

          LOOKING LIKE HELL - well, this is simple.
After 50 years of age we all tend to look worse,
year after year. So we all look bad as the double-decades
keep scampering past.
         O.K. This is not news. Gorgeous women wrinkle and shrink... and some say handsome men shrink even more.
This is a given... we all look like shit over time,
despite the fact some of us get more intelligent. More
intelligent, yes, but as I say - some of us and sometimes -
we gain wisdom... Though pretty much we all forget what we
had for breakfast, we all know we look far worse than
we used to, and just maybe we learned a few things...
          But TRANSCENDENCE, this really is the issue.
What is the aim? This is the aim But what do any of us mean by this word?
           I have worked on this issue for decades,
let me make a few suggestions. If you are  thinking about this thing... Or if you're not... Check out: the Upanishads, check out the Gospel of Thomas, of Philip, of Truth; Walt Whitman, Emerson; the Blue Cliff Record; William Blake; Wordsworth.That's all I can think of for now.
               For the next bit, I guess I'll have to wait
for morning.

              What is TRANSCENDENCE? It is vision that
goes beyond dying and sees into re-birth, sees into
Mind. It is vision that sees thru birth-and-death
and emerges like the dawn out the other side
of darkness.

               How do you get there? You sit or lie still
and look into yourself. Or you become one with
a lover, until you are one organism with vision -
for this the sex must be slow, tauntingly slow,
tantric - to see with the one eye beyond the duality
of the two sexes.
               "Until you make the two  one."
               To do this - to embody, to become the True One
on earth, focus is needed beyond hunger, despite fear.
Focus is needed into the Mind that is outlasts all
               And what is the point of this? The point is to
taste the Eternal.  And once you taste this?
                You know TRANSCENDENCE.
                 There is something...
                  There is vision...
                   There is a knowing of the unity of man and the
                    earth and all the creatures of the sea, earth
                     and sky.
                     Transcendence is the start of love
                      That is not centred around yourself..
                       Love, beyond grasping.
                      The expanding of love beyond desire.

                       TRANSCENDENCE is liberation.

       So now I have said enough.

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