Thursday, January 9, 2014


       O.K. O.K. One thing you have to admire
about cats is their totally focused attention
to detail.... every little thing is done
with awareness of mind.
     Zen masters are compared to cats
for this very quality .

           One thing I've got to say...
(I can't pretend to be an idiot all the time...
even if it is a role I enjoy and slip into 
 easily) ... you can learn something
by watching a cat closely...Especially
this mother, she won't eat herself
she watches her seven babies eat first.
      The babies don't think to return the

       I remember talking to this big
band leader standing by a cottage
he'd given to his sons. He said:
"One father can take care of seven
children... Seven children can't take
care of one father."
        Smart man. Witty. I always 
respected him. He played a great
trumpet. He died just weeks after
making this statement.

     And can we get any more depressing?
Sure we can! But not today.

      The slow, gentle movements... the
utter concentration...the patience.
What is it about this cat's consciousness
that's different? What can I say
about this being that is exceptional?
      (1) she is so completely there/here.
      (2)her consciousness is not divided:
          she is so completely herself.
      (3)she does not have a divided soul.
       (4) she does not have piggy-back consciousness;
            ie: she doesn't watch herself doing things.

        No. Instead she watches me... 

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