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THE ERECTION AND THE CROSS, WHICH STOOD FIRST AT THE CROSSROADS? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OUR HISTORY IS STRANGE ENOUGH WITHOUT REPRESSIONS


                                   OUR HISTORY IS STRANGE ENOUGH, WITHOUT
      Once we start repressing what happened,
once we start being liars to ourselves: then of course
our history becomes  "complicated".
       Lies make complications.
       Our intellect loves to understand complications.
        Only the Mind can grasp  profound simplicity

        Intellect is a lower human function than Mind.
        We have to go through a kind of death
in order to attain to Mind.
         Mind comes as Grace, when we stop trying
to intellectually understand.

         The intellect reaches a wall, and it cannot pass
through. Only by trying to pierce the wall, which it
 it cannot do...does the intellect, as it lies down
exhausted, give over to a higher function.
         Only by trying do we learn not to try...

        We learn we are using the wrong tool for the job:
intellectual desire must be annihilated. Only
through the death of one function, does Grace

         There's only ONE GAME in town, by the way,
the Game is a living being learning how to come
into unity  with its Source, finding Home, 
so to speak.
          The isolated 'being' learns how to return 
to 'Being'.
           The only Game in town started off as
a game of hide and seek between man and God.
            In the beginning all there was was God.
God decided to hide from Himself: so he created
man, an entity who does not know his own

         If you don't like the Christian term, 'Grace',
because 'Grace' implies an external agent, you
can say: "Through a   death of the intellect I 
entered into the unity of all things.
         Words are traps... places for the intellect
to reside, argue contradictions and hide.


                                This article started as  a note regarding 
this SPIRIT vs SEX duality that is
always bugging me.
       Perhaps because I have been known to have attacks
of mania... and hyper-sexuality is associated with
mania. Perhaps I'm more obsessed with this Split in our
psyche than anyone needs to be.
        I can be awake for three days at times, hammering
away at some topic... But this is not about me.

                 At many crossroads in Britain...often a large
erection/phallus/was set up as a statue. At many
important places would be a large statue that
was a phallus.  This was usual.
        People worshipped fertility and so they
worshipped a hard-on as a symbol the way we
now use a cross as a symbol.
        There is no doubt about this. I'm not making
this stuff up.  There's a fine little book called
Celtic Crosses which sets out the history of
early crosses in the world of the Celts.
And crosses in our history started out as phalli.
        So what happened?

        Well, the church came along and many
monks, etc. etc.... And what was done is this
the phallos was "Xed" out into a cross.
        Put your fingers in an "X"  you'll see
it's identical with a cross.

         Now I know the cross represents
Christ in our minds... But when you go to a
phallus, carve off the head and add a cross
piece... yes, you make a cross... but
at the same time you are crossing
out the sexual element.
        This "X"ing out business is my idea.
It originates with me, the thought, but it
seems obvious.
        Is it not obvious to you?

        To quote Father Belyea, once again:
"Nobody sees the obvious."
         But once you see an obvious truth;
it's difficult to forget it. Because obvious
facts are irrefutable.

         First we worshipped fertility, the organ
of fecundity, itself.
         Christ's Father, our Christian God was
originally a fertility God, worshipped as
an organ of fecundity
          Why would we attempt to deny
the obvious?
                        Only through denial, repressions and lies
do we make history complicated.

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