Sunday, November 17, 2013



       Our Roving Reporter  delves
into  mundane matters and he likes it that way.
For example, his article on the mating habits
of the woodpecker, or the story about existence of flies...
or his articles about the School for Mystics, or the
crazy fools living in foxholes at Wait-A-Bit...
such things as these are what Rov. prefers to
write about.... and he'd rather stay away
from the religio-spiritual beat.
        He'd rather discuss hangover cures.

        Or do an enquiry into the deeper meanings
at the heart of the Universe, the "quantum" world,
or any damn thing at all providing there's some
humour in the story somewhere !

        As I say, I deal too much with serious stuff,
I start to get a rash. And my left foot is already starting
to throb and act up... so it's time for a change of pace!      

               The problem is this - and this is your Roving
Reporter getting to the bottom of the story.

               The message of the Christ as it's been
taught to us is a bunch of pablum....and we who
are fed on it will never be mature.

               Today. just one point has to be made.

              (1) The point that Jesus Christ was "so very
special" and the "only" son of God, etc. etc. is a nursery
tale, and not a very good one.  
             Nursery tales - like the stories of the Brothers Grimm are supposed to be spooky, scarey... and then the scariness
gets resolved and everything is made more or less OK
and the kid who is being told the story then
can go to sleep, reassured that he's safe.
            The spooky part about the fairy tale we've been
told about Christ - the spooky part is never resolved. The 
spooky part about the Jesus Christ story , as we have
been taught it, is that the story is a lie.
            (1) Jesus Christ is not so special that He is not like
any of us... ie: he can walk on water and we can't -
see how special He is? No! No! This is all wrong.
                What is special about the one we call Christ
or "anointed one" is how much he IS LIKE each and every one of us. He is so like each of us that He is Bill, Pete and Paul's ultimate identity... O.K., let's call it Identity.

                If he is unique and so very very special,
like a rare piece of China ---- well, one powerful monopoly
can control that special piece of china.
                But if He IS EVERY MAN and woman's innermost
nature, then no  monopoly can own Him.  Because He
is what we are. If He is what we are, what each of us is,
then all we need do is look within, meditate, learn to sit
still and see ourselves, realize our own nature... and we
possess Him.... each one of us possesses Him...just as
we possess ourselves.
                The Grail Quest is the quest to realize
yourself, and by finding yourself, realize
the Christ. It's ridiculously simple...
                The difficulty about grasping the nature
of things - each person's own nature, it is not difficult
because each of us must understand a complex situation.
The difficulty is having one's mind attain to the profound
simplicity of all thing.

                Do you see how pervasive it is - the lie
we have been fed like pablum?

                The lie prevents each individual from going on the
true quest to realize himself.
                 The pie is in the sky and not within - this is
the lie.

                 The lie we have been fed, affects our ability to
apprehend reality. You with me?

                 It don't get any deeper than that, Jack!

      The Tenth Roman legion marched across
Egypt to drive out the early Christians. 

         The Empire Church called them, "heretics".
For the "heretics" had their own system for
attaining the Truth. And they didn't need the church
as an expensive middleman to find  God within.

         The Bible, as we find it today, was not assembled by God; it was put together by a highly politicized 
group of Bishops, the Chamber of Commerce
of their day.
        What has been passed down to us is
a castrated bible, and we really cannot correctly
see it in any other way.
         The so-called canon is sent down to us
 as the ONLY truth. Nothing could be more
         History is written
 by the winners. 
          And the winners never tell the whole story.       

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