Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I have built up quite a traffic jam of unfinished drafts. This is the first of a series of short articles, called



           The Mechanics of Shame:


          Yes, it`s a strange world...strange and mysterious.
And odd things happen, too.

      This is so basic and simple, that it`s hard
to understand. Nobody sees the obvious.
When we get too close to a subject, we get
blinded to what is going on.

       Despite being a necessary act, sex and discussing sex is still  kind of taboo...   BUT it is the centre of our existence,  centre of our bodies, too, and the tree at the centre of the garden.
         And it`s  "bad" if we talk about it too openly.
I`m amazed that after all we`ve been through, this is
still the case.
        Yet the PLEASURE INCENTIVE  is how Nature
organizes and directs the things we do.

       We feed ourselves because it feels good to eat....
the Pleasure Incentive runs almost every aspect of our

        Even single-celled organisms follow  pleasure
as they  hunt down food and devour it.
 it feels good to eat food and to have a full stomach.
         Necessary activities, like sex, would be a chore
if there was not pleasure involved
          We are engineered internally so as to do the
activities that ensure the survival of our  species.
         Eating and procreating - two activities that we feel
pleasure doing:  two activities essential to our survival.
         The basic question - is this: how can we
feel guilt for something that is at the core of
our being, something essential to the species,
an activity that nature gives us the
         Feeling guilty for having sex is
like feeling guilty for eating, or feeling shame
because you need to take another
        We might as well say,


        And we do apologize

But this, exactly, is the SCAM:

     "We`ll absolve you of your guilt, we`ll wipe
your slate and your soul clean. But you must 
pay us for forgiveness."
       We`re supposed to pay for forgiveness
to exactly the same people who convinced us
sex is evil.
          An analogy is this: a person shoves a 
grenade up your ass . And now the same
person is making you pay to
get it out.
          Does this sound reasonable to you?

           It`s like the protection racket,
only worse.

          Since you`ll always have to have sex,
you`ll always have to pay to be cleansed.
         The clerics have had an unending source 
of income - from the beginning, the dawn of man.
          With this sort of cash rolling in, you can
build things. Basilicas can be built.
          Basilicas and bank accounts.

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