Monday, June 24, 2013

WHAT IF OUR LEADERS HAVE COME FROM OUTER SPACE -----------------------------------COME TO DEVOUR US ALL.................................................WHAT IF.......THERE`S NO LAUGHTER IN THE LIZARD GALAXY?

                          IT CAME TO ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! What if they live longer than we do and need some extra Nitrogen in the air they breathe???
           What if the  RUMOURS OF TERRA-FORMING
are true?
           What if the monstrous stupidity we see everywhere -
the rape and pillaging, the GREED-HEADS polluting the
TUNA in the sea --- tuna is a deep water fish, and if
we`re dumping the shit to the bottom?
           No... no... Ballantine, don`t you avoid the subject!

           I was looking at pictures of our most recent Prime Ministers.... and I had the thought. Are these people from
planet earth? Or are they JUST PRETENDING?

          Look - Canada is a country where, if you don`t laugh, one of two things are possible:
          (1) You`re sub-human. You just don`t get the fact
that somethings biting your ass, even after you feel the warm fluids running down the back of your legs... and the blood filling up your shoes... God knows we meet a lot of sub-humans in the north (not just the north, mon frere). But in the deep north and the deep bush, you can get so stunned
by circumstance - like a cruise missile hitting your town, or
Artie`s booze, or the flies, or the Shine, or the flies - after the
bomb hit, a lot of people in Wait-A-Bit ( well, you can`t really say "a lot of people" in Wait-A-Bit anymore...) couldn`t remember their own names let alone the name of the town they lived in!
           But these citicens are not sub human - they`re superhuman just to be alive... ((and they all can laugh!))
           Laughter seems to be the key...
           How ALIEN can you be if you can still laugh? I don`t think we should answer that question before breakfast...
I just thought of a lot of horrible  mind-bending possibilities.
                        (2)  If you can`t laugh at the flies biting your ass ---
or at least laugh at the flies biting someone else`s ass...
well,  you`re not Canadian.  ((The other night I saw a naked man running down the Mainlane.... chased by a cloud of nattering, humming, chattering insects, screaming, "JOSEPHINE!"  
                 Well, I`d never seen the guy before.  And in a town of 16 people, that`s strange, but one thing I knew beyond any doubt - they guy I had just seen was a Canadian!
                              But if you can`t laugh, the flies don`t bother you,
and you`re untroubled by the 9 months of WHITEOUTS
we are gifted every year, maybe just maybe... YOU`RE AN ALIEN!
           And maybe all this mind-numbingly stupid polluting
is not just MORON TIME for humans, maybe the aliens are
 following a deliberate plan to transform the earth into
a waste land for humans.. but a LIZARD PARADISE for the
rest of our guests.

            Which is it, my fellow Canadians, is it   "1" or is
it "2"?
            Are our last ten Prime Ministers  (1) SUB-HUMAN
because almost all of them could not laugh  (Diefenbaker`s an exception --- but he really looked alien)

                      OR IS IT  (2) Are our Prime Ministers super-human?
Are they invaders from another planet who live longer than
we do and who have come to eat and destroy us all?
Perhaps the reason they do not laugh is LAUGHTER IS NOT UNDERSTOOD IN THE LIZARD GALAXY.

                I just spend the last 92 hours without sleep staring into the eyes of photographs of our last ten Prime Ministers. It`s a disturbing experience I don`t recommend and I still
can`t make up  mind.

                Do me a favour, will you? Take a good look at
their eyes, yourselves. Take a card - cover the left eye
and look.  Then cover the right eye and look. Tell me what
conclusions you come to,,,,

                                    Let`s carry on this talk at another place a time.
I just had a dark thought, indeed.... there my be a third
option:  OPTION(3)---  O Jesus, I`m not ready to discuss "3" yet!

                                                                                                                          YOURS,  RRR

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