Sunday, June 9, 2013


                           Now that the first three rounds of the battle for the Stanley Cup are over, I can look around and take a deep breath and smell the roses, taste the coffee and throw a few
rocks across calm waters at the moon...I must say this...
the Boston Bruins have been kicking everyone`s ass...
             The Toronto Maple Leafs came within seconds
of thrashing the Boston Bruins. No one else has come close.
             The Bruins beat up the Leafs physically those last
few moments. If we`d put our big guys back in those last few minutes, we wouldn`t have been intimidated by the Bruins,
and the Leafs probably would have won.
              The Leafs were faster than Boston. In the end, Boston was tougher than Toronto... but not by much.
               Chicago might take them in the finals, but my money`s on Boston. The better Boston looks, the better
the Leafs look - so I`m cheering for Boston.
               The Leafs haven`t won the Stanley Cup
since 1967. And that`s just RIDICULOUS for the most 
affluent team in the league!
               Someone did something right these last
couple of  years in the league`s most storied franchise
and what a relief it is! It`s a relief for Leaf fans and it`s a
mercy  for people who love the City of Toronto - to get a glimpse of success once again... in a hockey town that deserves success in hockey!
               As has been said in politics and war:
it`s no longer "the beginning of the end."  
              Now it`s "the end of the beginning!" 

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