Sunday, May 26, 2013


        You ever notice, when watching a good comic,

he or she will lay down 4 or 5 good jokes, then 

sometime in the rhythm of his talk he`ll slip in

a serious statement- a real zinger - and people

will laugh at that statement, too, but the laughter

starts to fade into an ugly silence.

"The terror of nothing to think about."
 That`s how T.S. Eliot describes it.

        Most big crowds in North America are

very uncomfortable with a silence longer than 5


       We`ve been conditioned to think we need

almost constant distraction.

       Of course, we don`t.

        We  need to desire this thing  or that thing constantly:

the new car, the new woman or man, the new boat, the 

new house and a constant variety of food. Buy this

eat that, eat that buy this - that`s what our society is telling 

 us - "Hurry up and buy, buy, buy!"  And it`s not surprising

because our culture is centred around the marketplace,

not the temple.


          Our culture, our civilization encourages the monkey--like mind.

In India they have a temple which on some level encourages us

to watch the endless train of thought whistling through our brains.

The idea  is first of all is to recognize your own monkey-like mind -

that it exists - then get past that constant distraction and compulsion.    

by sitting still and watching the action. At the monkey temple the same action

is going on inside and outside your head: it`s like a reflexion!

It`s a very elegant way to learn.

        If you sit still for a while - do a little sitting - watch the T..V screen 

inside  you, listen and listen some more until you tune in

       You`ll notice there are all kinds of  things you can do with  your 

brain more entertaining than watching the T.V. tube.

       For example, if you let the silence reign just for

a little while, you will hear voices from across

the globe,  voices you`ve never met.  Our mind

is like a radio that  both receives and projects. 

      If you project your mind outwards in humility and love

and with a prayerful attitude call greetings and ask                         

ask the saints and bodhisattvas to help you  accomplish some

task - chances are you will find  help.

         if you really pay attention that day and the next

couple of days you will be able to sense if you`ve

been given strength and assitance. And you will start to build a 

relationship with these many minds  who somehow form one 

consciousness beyond  death.

         If outloud you say, " O you saints and bodhisattvas

help me and give me strength  in our task to liberate mankind. Thank 

you for the holy vows that you have taken

to  help  and stay with us until we  are free.

         Close as I can, I will walk a path to join you in your holy chapel."

          Something like this.  The words don`t matter so much

if you open your heart and speak with love,

even if you believe no one`s out there, say the words.

           I was pretty damn sure that no  one was out there. 

No conscious Lord of the clouds, no Lord of the

Meeting Rivers.

        Say the words anyway, shout them from a cliff top,

or shout them from a rooftop. Shout them in anger,

 shout the words with hate.

         But if you can find one place in your heart that`s honest,

one person or one thing you love, say the words to that love,

say the words to that person.

         Even if you  think no one could possibly hear you,

say the words.

         Even if you are certain the world`s a cold machine.

say the words of your love

          Say them out loud so you can hear yourself say them,

 even if you`re certain there is no consciousness

in this galaxy that can absorb your words.


          Our science is certain of so much... except it is

admittedly ignorant of the entire sub atomic world

and all the greatest mysteries of the One Who Is..

Creating Us.


         The modern, mechanical "RATIONAL" age has 

placed a curse upon our souls - the curse is that we

truly believe the human mind is the only conscious mind

And that matter is only matter.

          And that life is only life, and that`s it! And that

death is an absolute end, and there`s no crossing

over between the two.

          How sad! How erroneous.

           That there are no voices to be heard, that there are no

minds who speak to us from across the globe, voices from

places we don`t imagine - voices from places we can`t begin

to imagine.

               No travelling voices, no minds that can be heard,

no roads for travelling souls.

           Except I hear them and I have for a long time. And

I started hearing thoughts of minds who didn`t need

to speak a word.

           And everybody can do this!
           But we don`t, you know why? Because we don`t

sit still; we don`t have time.  There is something that

we need to buy.

"Once you open communications,
                            communications are open."     Walker Ballantine


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