Saturday, July 14, 2012


           DRUG REPORT:

          "Name Imust nbort reveak"
          "This is the sort of sentence you''ll write
after taking it."

            "I found a drug that not only makes you
inarticulate in the morning; it makes you
stutter unattractively all through the afternoon."
             "It affects your motor functions;
(you won't be able to ride your bicycle, anywhere
but in your own driveway)."
             "It wipes your memory right out!
I mean completely!"
(It just took me three minutes trying to spell
the word, "please" - and that's a word I use a lot!
Now I'm having trouble with the word, "minute."

          "Oh, yes, it's also taken me over ten
minutes to type this Notice... So it annihilates your
typing skills as well."
            "Though, to be fair, I'm typing in the dark,
using only the light from the computer screen, and
my eyesight seems a  little blurry.There are no light bulbs
in this apartment., and there haven't been any light bulbs
 in this apartment for a considerable time."
             "There was a list here somewhere."
              "I can't tell you the name of the drug
unless we're alone together in an empty
parking lot."

EDITOR'S NOTE: To get to the bottom of the story
your Roving Reporter felt he had to take an extreme
multiple of the recommended adult dose.



         We're at the restaurant.
         I'm meeting with the mother of  my  daughter.
 She sits down across from me at the table. In no
time at all she starts saying ugly things:
          "I've had a rough week!" I say.
         "You look terrible!" she says, "You've aged
twenty years in two weeks!"
          My jaw is pounding. I'd had a bunch
of teeth pulled an hour ago. I'd just finished
the Drug Report  about 4:00 A.M.. My fever's
worse. And I smell some kind of odour
in the place.
         "You look like you're going to die!"
she says.
          "That's about how I feel," I say.
Things are moving in the wall behind her head.
I try not to notice.
         I say to her, "Look, I don't want to hear anything
negative right now, especially about myself. I'm telling
you I've had a rough week, I mean really rough!"
          "I just had six teeth pulled and then the Doc said:
'Come back next week and we'll do the other side!'"
           "Day to day I'm running a high fever. I'm
sweating and my face is red. And it's not pretty,
I'm dripping from  places that aren't supposed
to drip!"
           I look into her eyes. She looks good,
healthy, fine, OK... But these days you can
never tell.
           She says, "You look 80, at least!"
            "80? I say, "I feel older than 80!
 I can't even ride my bicycle.I was weaving all over the
 road. I just clipped a post. A lot of cars were honking.
 And I'd hardly left my yard!"
             I hand her the money.
             She says, "Well... I gotta go."
              I  reach out to shake her hand.
              She backs away and says, "I can't
shake that! God knows what I'm gonna catch!"

               I watch her walk out the door. Then I
get up, stumble over to the exit sign. I push hard
to get outside.
               I walk my bicycle this time
 all the way across town.

                                                       Respectfully submitted, R.R.

Friday, July 6, 2012



      This is how the saying really goes.

      The point that is being made is that in your innermost mind, you are not so different then a saint.

      If you look at the deeper scriptures, what is being said is this: don't concentrate on how different
the Christ is from yourself, concentrate on the Identity between the two of you, ie: "make the two one"
(Gospel of Thomas).

      A monopoly has been made of the Christ - by saying how godlike he is, how unique, what special miracles he performed, how different he is from all of us: but, really, this is not the teaching at all.
Remember the scriptures make constant use of metaphor and symbols:  *

      how he:     walked on water

                                                  Padma Sambhava was also said to sit on water, meditate on a lotus
                                                                               flower atop a lake.

                       One way of interpreting this symbol is that the master who is portrayed as
                               sitting on water meditating, or walking on water speaking parables**
                                is so portrayed to indicate that this person is no longer ruled by
                                his/her lower passions. The underwater world of birth and death and
                                clutching after things desired is no longer part of this person's life.

  how he:     caused the blind to see

                       The metaphor  being used here is the metaphor of bringing
                        light to the darkness of those who cannot see. Bringing light to their
                         eyes. In other words, bringing  enlightenment.And therefore
                          healing the blind.


how he:       raised the dead  (Lazarus)
                         To shed some light on this metaphor, I'll give you that quotation
                         again from: "The Seven Sermons to the Dead." ***
                         "The dead went forth to Jerusalem, and when they did not find
                           what they sought, they came to seek teaching from me."                   
                          Basilides wrote the  "Seven Sermons to the Dead"
                          Carl Jung ( the great psychologist) got his hands on the
                          Seven Sermons to the Dead and studied them deeply. And so
                          the ancient teachings of Basilides became part of the teachings
                          and psychological teachings of Carl Jung.(*** discoverd
                          at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 1945 - part of the discovery of
                           The Gospel Scrolls). 
                        Weren't  those early, early Christian teachers/masters something!
                         Oh, that's right!  We've never heard of them! That's because they
                          were expunged from the Bible.  So that what is left,
                           I like to call  the Castrated Bible.
                          There were esoteric Christian teachings. Just because they have been
                          almost totally destroyed does not mean they did not exist.

                           The "dead" were those who were living in the darkness of ignorance,
                            those who had not yet realized. These were the people seeking
                            the teachings of Bsilides

                            When a person who is "dead" has a glimpse.of the vision of the eternal ,
                             that person is said to be 'raised from the dead'.

                             All these  metaphors and symbols (parables) point to one fundamental
                             teaching which is impossible to understand and hard to realize:

                            "He who understands my words 
                              Shall become as I am
                               And I shall become he;
                                And the hidden things will be
                                 Revealed to him."     said Jesus Christ  (Gospel of Thomas)

                                In the east, when a person realizes he/she is Buddha, people
                                congratulate him.
                                        Here in the west, when a person realizes he/she is Christ,
                                 we should do the same.


                               Endnotes:  * Northrop Frye, "The Great Code".
                                                   I had the good fortune to be a student of Northrop
                                                   Frye's for four years at Victoria College, University
                                                   of Toronto,  English Language and Literature Program.
                                                    His lectures on  symbolism in the Bible
                                                    were essential to my learning.
                              ( This is the end of this article
                                  The previous article might be
                                   unintentionally attached. )




        The three words: primordial, primal and preternatural are all words I love. Because when you are taking a psychological expedition all the way up the Psyche into the Heart of Darkness, these are the sort of  words that must be used to express the realities you  find inside yourself.
        It is a process of reaching the arm all the way to the shoulder into the snake barrel of seething human existence, until you find what you're looking for or something screams.

        Space is not the final frontier, THE MIND IS THE FINAL FRONTIER!
         And since it's a long journey within, preparations must be made.
          That's what  "The School For Mystics" is all about - making preparations. The problem is no one ever seems to know what they're preparing for, so it's best to have all kinds of supplies.

           The quote above about "The lake of the heart" goes more like this:


              when the lake of an ordinary man's heart
               becomes pure and calm:
                it is the reflection of a saint
                 which appears within it."

              This saying alone could be enough to start an expedition
               into the heart-mind all the way up-river into the darkness
                of the soul.

               I don't know whom I'm quoting in the passage above written in italics,
but I'm getting the basic thought across.
               The expedition I'm talking about begins with what I like to call "sitting".
But it can be sitting anywhere, or lying down, or dreaming. It's best not to  get
too caught up in the method.
                 And it doesn't matter what medicines or fuels are necessary. There's
no point in getting too specific or judgmental about such things. We are talking about
a journey on the inner river into the core of the hidden continent.
                 We can relax, just as  we relax with friends on the edge of the forest,
when preparing for a camping trip.

                  This is a practical journey and there's no point in thinking about or even
considering other people's judgmental horseshit. We don't care what the name of God is.
God has many names, and it's a sacred matter.
                   It can be a hilarious moment, watching a group of people argue about the
name of the sacred. Sometimes it's best when the sacred has no name.
                   In fact, we are looking for realities at the core of the Mind. We already have
our  names, but perhaps we are looking for our Name.
                    This journey is never anything more than a discovering of the nature of Identity.
                     And when an identity, an ego state, discovers his/her own Identity,
this is when the voyage touches the eternal, the magic and mystery at the heart of things.

                     "The eye through which you see God is the same eye through which
                       God sees you." Meister Eckhart.


                       "The ant's a centaur in his dragon world."  (Famous poet who's name I've forgotten)

                       "Why did you come out into the desert - to see a man
                          speaking platitudes and wearing soft clothing?"         (The Gospel of Thomas)

                         " The dead traveled to Jerusalem, and when they did not
                             find what they sought, they came to speak to me."     (Basilides - early Christian